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I can interpret words and phrases as they are used in a tex

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T.J. W.S.

on 2 January 2017

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Transcript of I can interpret words and phrases as they are used in a tex

I can interpret words and phrases as they are used in a text based on clues the text gives.
When you encounter a vocabulary word with which you are unfamiliar, what do you do?
You use context clues to find the meaning of the word.
Strategies To Using Context Clues
1. Definition

2. Synonym

3. Antonym

4. Example

5. General
Meaning of the unfamiliar word is given right in the sentence.

Signal Words: is, are, or, means, refers to

Example: Caverns are very large caves.
A similar word is given for the unfamiliar word.
Signal words: also, as, like, same, too

Example: She is cautious crossing the street and also careful riding her bike.
A word meaning the opposite of the unfamiliar word is given.

Signal words: but, unlike, though, however, instead of

Example: The water was shallow but it was deep enough to catch a fish
Samples, instances, or ideas of the unfamiliar word are given.

Signal words: for example, like, such as, including

Example: Souvenirs such as T-shirts, keychains and post-cards are fun ways to remember trips
General clues are given about the unfamiliar word.

There are no signal words for this strategy.

Example: I appreciate the way you encourage me. I won first place.
How can I use context clues to figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words?
Think about the 5 types of context clues
Look for words, phrases, & signal words that may help to figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words
If necessary, reread or read ahead to find other clues about the word.
Use the clues to help figure out the meaning of the word.
Try the learned meaning in the sentence
If it makes sense, keep reading
If no clues are available, or if you are unable to figure out the meaning, then look the word up (unless you are taking a test)
Even when the police officers put the handcuffs on my mother, she maintained her
, holding her head up high as she was marched off the protest site.
Definition: Worthy of respect
Clues in the sentence lead to the definition:

She holds her head up high despite being in a compromising situation. This shows she has pride and feels worthy of respect.
The rays from the rising sun shined
through our kitchen window.
Definition: Very bright; magnificent
Clues in the sentence lead to the definition:
Rays of sunshine are bright.
John was so hungry that he didn't leave a single
of the muffin on the plate.
Definition: a very small piece
Clues in the sentence lead to the definition:

A hungry person eats everything on the plate.
Cassie took her time when she wrote in cursive, slowly making each word out of an
series of arcs and loops.
beautiful and graceful
Clues in the sentence that lead to the definition:

Since she is taking her time, she will have great penmanship.

Kevin thought that it was a great
that girls could wear earrings in the school while the boys could not.
Definition: something that is not right or fair
Clues in the sentence lead to the definition:

It seems
that the privilege of wearing jewelry is assigned based on gender.
: After Gears of Pain 6 came out, the amount of people playing Gears of Pain 5
: When Rex had a bone, a warm spot to lie, and someone petting him, he was in

Alvin went to the museum every Saturday because he was so
by art.
Even though John had a good job and a nice family, he
for more.
Since professional athletes have to stay in peak physical shape, most athletes
eat junk food.
Tracy held the flower as gently as she could, fearing that the
stem would break.
Jennie didn't like the jacket her mother bought her until several strangers made
about how much they liked it.
Part 1
Definition: Went down
What clues in the sentence lead you to your definition?

After a new game comes out, the amount of people playing the old game will be
Definition: the perfect place to be

The text describes a dog receiving pretty much everything that dogs are known to like.

Definition: very interested

What clues in the sentence lead you to your definition?

He goes to the museum quite
Definition: to want something
What clues in the sentence lead you to your definition?

The conjunction "even though" shows that John wants something else other than his job and family.
Definition: rarely; not very often

What clues in the sentence lead you to your definition?

Junk food does not help you stay in shape.
Definition: easily damaged

What clues in the sentence lead you to your definition?

Tracy handles the stem with special care.

Definition: To comment or state an observation

What clues in the sentence lead you to your definition?

The strangers' comments cause her to change her opinion about the jacket. If no one had said anything, she would not have likely changed her opinion.
More Practice with KAHOOT!!!
Take a brief stretch break while I load the game
"Jabberwocky" is a nonsense poem written by Lewis Carroll about the killing of an animal called "the Jabberwock".

It was included in his 1871 novel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, a sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
Read the poem as Sir Christopher Lee narrates.
I interpreted the following words (insert the words you are choosing as an example) to mean (tell what they mean) and the clues I used were (did you use definition, synonym/antonym, inference?) ______.
Kahoot Rules & Information:

1. You must use your real name - no nicknames
2. You must play - I will be taking the scoreboard to use for grading (participation grade!)
3. Top 3 winners by the end of the game will receive 10 extra credit points towards their lowest grade
Working in teams I have pre-selected, you will be given the poem by Lewis. You will determine what the words mean by finding its non-nonsense term and then telling me what part of speech the word is. You must also explain what led you to your answer.

YOU MAY NOT USE COMPUTERS OR PHONES FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT and only have 1 class period to work on it!

1st Place: 20 points added to the lowest grade in gradebook AND 10 points toward Benchmark test grade
2nd Place: 10 points added to the lowest grade in gradebook & 10 points toward Benchmark test grade
3rd Place 10 points toward lowest grade in gradebook & 5 points toward Benchmark test grade.

I will be taking this as a triple grade - classwork, writing & project.

1. You may only use the materials I give you
2. No electronic devices on your person. They must be placed inside a book-bag and all belongings placed in the front of the classroom.
3. You may only work with your assigned team unless....
4. If your team is not working - you may bring the evidence of their noncompliance to me and I will transfer you to a different team.
5. If a teammate is not working, you may submit an immediate request to transfer them out of your team.
6. If you are transferred or a teammate leaves due to your noncompliance, you forfeit all prizes and your grades will suffer.
7. Assignments are due by the end of class. First team to turn in their items 100% correct wins and so on and so forth.

If everyone turns in 100% items, we will have a Movie & Popcorn day next week on Monday & Tuesday
If all grades are at least B's and A's, Movie & Popcorn on Tuesday
If there are C's, no Popcorn, just Movie on Tuesday
After that... no fun... at all
Block 1
Team 1: Leigha, Kevin Benson, Marissa, Steven

Team 2: Jacob W., Justino, Summer, Lucas

Team 3: Blake, Sarah S., Eryn, Jacob S.

Team 4: Skylar, Katlin, Mia, D'Anthony

Team 5: Hanna, Noah, Oscar, Tori

Team 6: Christian, Bailey, Austin, Emma

Team 7: Cameron, Duane, Andrew, Victor

Team 8: Sarah K., Danny, Kevin Belmont, Sarah D.
Block 2:
Team 1: Nicholas, Hannah, Dennis, Christina

Team 2: Christopher, Alicia, Rachel, Jessica

Team 3: Kaitlyn, Devonte, Alexis, Tyler Broome

Team 4: Sunni, Brandon, Jacob M., Lucas B.

Team 5: Bird, Jacob L., Austin, Tyler Bruce

Team 6: Josh, Matt K., Justin B., Chris E., Levi

Team 7: Taylor, Matt J., Justin Palmer, Paige

Team 8: Nathan G., Michael, Jesus, Dylan

- noun - the soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, caused by the refraction and scattering of the sun's rays from the atmosphere.

It cannot be chilly... reptiles don't like the cold...
• slithy - adjective - slimy and slithering
• Tove - noun - a tailless amphibian with a short stout body and short legs, typically having dry warty skin that can exude poison.
• gyre - verb - turn around; similar to gyration
(which you saw in the "Shakespeare" Hokey Pokey"
• gimble - verb - move in a quivery yet nimble fashion
• wabe - noun - a large area covered chiefly with trees and undergrowth.
• mimsy - adjective - flimsy; not completely solid
• borogoves - noun - grove/trees
mome - adjective - slow moving

rath - noun - a wraith

outgrabe - verb - to yell or moan loudly
• Jabberwock - noun - A dragon; a mythical monster like a giant reptile. In European tradition the dragon is typically fire-breathing and tends to symbolize chaos or evil, whereas in East Asia it is usually a beneficent symbol of fertility, associated with water and the heavens.
• Jubjub bird - noun - a huge bird that is obviously a raptor of some kind and highly aggressive or dangerous.
• frumious - adjective - incredibly angry or violent.

• Bandersnatch - noun - four-legged black and white striped animal that snatches up unsuspecting prey; similar in many ways to a Badger.
• vorpal - adjective - lithe and sharp

• manxome - adjective - maximum; greatest; largest; highest; utmost

• Tumtum tree - noun (compound) - A gum tree; a tree that exudes gum, especially a eucalyptus. Originates in Australia.
• uffish - adjective - deep, profound
• whiffle - verb - to breathe heavily and loudly
• tulgey - adjective - dense and wet, often used to refer to foliage
• burble - verb - to make vocalized bubbles with the mouth; gurgled.

• snicker-snack - noun -An interjection style noun that is an onomatopoeia used to describe the sound of a sword cutting into something; like "Wack! Wack!"
• galumph - verb - to gallop triumphantly
• beamish - adjective - beaming/smiling greatly
• frabjous - adjective - fabulous to the point of causing great happiness

• callooh - verb - an interjection similar "woohoo!" which is an expression of happiness.
• callay - verb - an interjection - expression of happiness; aka "Hooray!"

• chortle - verb - to chuckle happily while making joyous exclamations; blend of chuckle and snort

Ready for a fun fact about this word?
After Carroll invented the term chortle, it was later added into the English dictionary as a
legitimate word

I told you, it really
You could have chosen any of the following abstract concepts:
1. Violence
2. Perseverence
3. Men & Masculinity
4. Good vs. Evil
5. Men/Humans vs. nature
6. Heroism
Example theme statements:
1) Any individual who finds the strength to endure hardships to obtain glory is a hero.

2) Facing evil and violence despite the fact that you are mortal makes you a greater hero.

3) Face the odds of nature and fight for your honor.

4) Take pride in the victories you have for they are the result of your perseverance.
One evening, just before the sun sets and when the toads are croaking, a father tells his son to beware of the numerous dangers that exist in the woods.
The son decides to take his sword and go looking for these creatures and comes upon the most fearsome of them all, the Jabberwock (aka Dragon). The boy fights the dragon, chopping off its head and returns home to his father and they celebrate. Then everything returns to the status quo.
Yep... Hero's Journey :-)
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