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education of japan

education and other in japan

Alex Rieger

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of education of japan

japanese what do the call their schools in japan? question uno the japanese call their schools different things just like us. they call their kindergarten cyochien... isnt that cool! they call their elementry shogakkou... they call their middleschools(junior high) chugakkou. mow for high school, the high schools are called koukoukoutougakkou... thats a long name.
the end! question dos what do the kids learn..... why? they learn a varity of things. they learn english so they cand talk too people in the usa. they also learn the basics like math science ect. the students also learn home economics and also how to cook so when they are older they can spend and cook well to provide for their families. random picture time!!!! i call it.... the flying man question tres what sports and activities do they do? are thery any good or are they one of those countrys who are all talk and no walk? they play almost every sport we do. they play tennis they ski and they also do the brain games. they play chess checkers and other things of that sort... now what i think is probly their biggest sport is most likey acrobatics. they are small but can l touch the bottom of their back with their head. the japanese do alot of sports... such as all the olympic games you see them in. they play tennis and most of the sports we do, like basketball and bobsleding. but what is most favored in japan is their acrobatics.they have very skilled acrobatics. kids start at very younge ages. they do it at school and go to special trainers to be good. most of the japanese are ver flexiable with makes them perfect canidates for acrobatics. random picture time another one for your enjoyment i call it peacefulness in japan ok back to seriousness what sports do they play
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