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Ancient China

No description

Tami Straolzini

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of Ancient China


There were many religions ,but these are the ones they belived Confuciaism,Daoism,and Budhism.
All the religions had different ways of teaching and beliefs.

Confunciaism teaching was to educate everyone.
Budhism I couldn't find the eteaching and the beliefs.
Daoism beliefs to help everyone stay together.
Before Ancient China was united under one, its government was unusual.
This goverment was ruled by dynasties. At times, they would unite under one, but after a while, other dynasties would compete in controlling various regions and deciding the successors.
Dynasties ruled the land, often competing for controlling various regions and deciding successors.
Ancient China
During this civilization's existence, many conflicts occurred. Warfare was endemic,meaning continuous,and dynasties that were defeated would be plagued by natural disasters,be overthrown,and replaced by a new dynasty.
Eventually, a man named Qin Shi Huang united China under one after his conquest in 221 B.C.
He was a cruel man because he ordered books containing evidence about previous dynasties to be burned and he buried many scholars alive.
As emperor, he was able to construct his ambitious projects.
Costing about 1,000,000 lives,China was able to construct this.
The Great Wall of China

This wall is 2,600 mile barrier that was built for protection.

There are three important religions.
One of them
is Daoism.
The other
one is Budhism.
Last one
They all have different teachings and beliefs.
The Confuciaism
belief was to educate everyone.
For Budhism I could not
find the teaching or the belief.
Daoism was to help
everyone stay together.
They all communicate at the temples.

The things they made are really nice.
They made paper,wheelbarrows,
magnetic compasses,and earthquake
The dances and music.
The dances were "sun chia chia."
The music they
listened to was "A Dunnuang Dream."

The arts they created were made out of cool things.
Art was created out of stones,clay,and bronze.
The arts were poetry,
Sculptures,and paintings.


Social Classes

The social class pyramid has four social classes.One of them is the Shang and Shi.
The Shi were at the top and the peasants were at the bottom.
At the top, the kings had the better possessions,including houses, and at the bottom, they get the worst items.
Job Spe
Job Specialization

Most of the things in Ancient China were hand made.These are some things: rulers,clocks,gas lamps,iron,swords,and fish scale armor.
The Silk Route was Ancient China's way to trade things.
They traded ideas,silk,jade,spices,glasses,and more,but it only lasted about 1000 years.
The Great Wall of China was built for protection from invaders.It was made with stones,wood,and dirt.It is also about 3000 miles long.
Anyang is a unique city of Ancient China. Still existing today, it is currently the earliest known capital of of Ancient China. Existing in the Shang Dynasty(1600-1046B.C.), this city presided over a kingdom.
Water Sources
The Yangtze and Yellow rivers played a large role in Ancient China's people.The Yangtze River flooded the high banks and left soil behind. The Huang He River destroyed many houses when it flooded.
Citie's Appearences
Ancient China's people built unique buildings that looked like palaces,temples,and mausoleums.A city looked like temples joined together, buildings were made out of brick work and timber construction.
The first writing
The first writing was on a orcal bone and thay used pictorgrphs for the writing system as the first writing.
By 1300 B.C. chnia had a fully devloped their writing system so thay went throw about 3 writing systems.
The first writing was on an oracle bone. They used pictographs for the first writing system.
By 1300 BC china had fully developed their writing system so they went though about 3 writing system
By 1300 B.C., China had a fully devloped writing system.They went through about 3 writing systems until it was fully devloped.
At the time, this system proved useful for everyone. They were the first people to finish their writing system .
In 1760 B.c., the Shang Dynasty came to power.In China ,they almost took over some villages in their country .
Some important pepole in 479 B.C. got confused philosopher and ,teachers died in lu . lu is one of menny inportant pepole.
Some important people in 479 B.C. got Confucius Philosophers, and teachers died,and Lu Lu is one of the many important people.
In first centry A.D., missionaries from India brought Buddhism to China, and it was introduced.
Thank You For Watching.
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