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Romeo and Juliet Review

Act by Act Review of the Tragedy

Christopher Frye

on 8 August 2012

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet Review

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Act I Act II Act III Act IV Act V Exposition:
(Scene 1)
Montagues & Capulets Feuding
The Prince threatens death for continued fighting
Romeo suffering from depression
Benvolio promises to help his cousin
Romeo depressed about a lack of love
Benvolio wants him to think about other women
(Scene 2)
County Paris has arrived to ask for Juliet's hand
Lord Capulet is throwing a party to celebrate
He sends his serving man to announce the invitations
Romeo and Benvolio intercept the serving man and decide to crash the party
Rosaline (Romeo's Crush) will be there (Scene 3)
Lady Capulet informs Juliet of the possible suitor
The Nurse shows her maternal insticts towards Juliet
Juliet agrees to try to like County Paris
(Scene 4)
Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio (cousin to the Prince) go to the party
Mercutio warns Romeo about dreams and following his dreams
(Scene 5)
At the party, Romeo is discovered and Tybalt gets angry
Tybalt wants to fight Romeo but Lord Capulet won't let him
Romeo sees Juliet and flirts with her
Romeo leaves the party, after finding out Juliet is a Capulet
Juliet finds out that Romeo is a Montague and becomes worried Rising Action Scene 1:
Mercutio and Benvolio look for Romeo
Scene 2:
Balcony Scene:
Scene 3:
Friar Lawrence agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet
Scene 4:
Romeo meets his friends finally, is happy now
Passes the plan on to the Nurse
Scene 5:
Nurse tells Juliet the plan
Scene 6:
Romeo and Juliet are married Scene 1
Tybalt looks to challenge Romeo, but Romeo refuses to fight.
Mercutio fights instead and is eventually killed "under" Romeo's arm.
Romeo attacks and kills Tybalt.
Rome flees the scene and the Prince decides that Romeo must be banished for his crimes. Scene 2
While Juliet is waiting for night to come, the Nurse informs her that Tybalt is dead and slain by Romeo
Juliet threatens to kill herself
The nurse promises to talk to Romeo after Juliet gives her a ring to give to him Climax Scene 3
Romeo is chastized for crying like a girl
The nurse gives him the ring, he feels better knowing Juliet forgives him
Friar Lawrence promises to make things better Scene 4
Capulet agrees to marriage with Paris to cheer up his daughter
Sends Lady Capulet to inform Juliet Scene 5
Romeo leaves Juliet's room
It is the last time they will see each other alive
Lady Capulet informs Juliet of her engagement
Juliet rebels against her mother
Lord Capulet threatens to throw her out
Lady Capulet refuses to listen to her daughter
The Nurse says Juliet should marry Paris, thus leaving Juliet with no allies Falling Action Scene 1: Juliet seeks advice from Friar Lawrence, who creates the plan to fake her death
Scene 2: Juliet returns and apologizes, Lord Capulet bumps up the Wedding.
Scene 3: Juliet grows up, considers her actions, and takes the sleeping potion.
Scene 4: The Capulet house explodes with commotion about the wedding.
Scene 5: Juliet's "body" is discovered, the family mourns, but Friar Lawrence helps them cope. Resolution "Then I defy you stars!" "Unhappy fortune!" "All are punished." Scene 1:
Balthazar tells Romeo that Juliet is dead
Romeo buys a poison from an Apothecary
Romeo returns to Verona Scene 2:
Friar John tells Friar Lawrence that the letter went undelivered
Friar Lawrence goes to Juliet's tomb Scene 3:
Paris visits Juliet's tomb to leave flowers
Romeo shows up, Paris challenges him
Romeo kills Paris, but agrees to bury him in the tomb
Romeo drinks the poison just before Juliet wakes up
Juliet wakes up and asks for Romeo
Friar Lawrence tries to get Juliet to leave with him, but flees in terror
Juliet tries to get poison off Romeo's lips, but stabs herself when there isn't enough left
The bodies are discovered, the people are all brought forward and questioned
Friar Lawrence confesses his involvement
Lord Montague and Capulet agree to peace
The Prince forgives all because of the losses Fate vs. Free Will Were Romeo and Juliet truly victims of fate, or were their problems caused by poor choices?
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