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Zombies in Literature & Popular Culture

No description

Dwight Donahue

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Zombies in Literature & Popular Culture

Origins of Zombies Horror Romance Comedy Science Fiction vuduu

brainzzz 1984 1968 Available on YouTube Available on YouTube One of the most famous music videos in the world by Michael Jackson featuring a horror theme with choreographed dancing Zombies Origins of Zombies 1) Haitian folklore
2) Hybrid of religion and vodoo
-first popular book to describe the Haitian Zombie

-voodoo describes the religious belief system in Haiti -The word "Zombi" comes from Nzambi (West African God)

-In literature and films, voodoo has been reduced to sorcery, black witchcraft, and cannibalistic practices Black and white horror classic about radiation
causing Americans to turn into flesh-eating zombies
Strohecker, David. "On the Origin of Zombies."
The Society Pages. 17, Feb. 2011. Web. 21, March. 2013. Works Cited "Zombi" Origins Rise in Popularity Popularity Today Rise in Popularity Michael Jackson's Thriller Brainz Popularity Today Hibberd, James. "'Walking Dead' Finale Breaks Series
Records." Entertainment Weekly. 1, April. 2013. Web. 24, April. 2013. The Walking Dead "The Walking Dead has been a ratings phenomenon this season, averaging a 5.6 rating among adults 18-49- higher than any other show on television." -Entertainment Weekly Recent addition to Zombie Culture, adapted from the comic book series into widely successful television series AMC 2010 Shaun of the Dead Trailer Warm Bodies 2004 2013 Recent romance zombie movie, is about zombies coming back to life through the power of love "This entire cult, fundamentally animistic, rested on the belief in the possibility of incarnation of all these vodus in the body of their servants" The Magic Island Film adaption set to release in June this summer Works Cited "The Magic Island." Questia. www.questia.com
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