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Career Shadowing 4/14/10

No description

Geoff Dunn

on 9 November 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing 4/14/10

Career Shadowing 4/14/10 I went to career shadow Paul Dunn
at Shoot Straight Lakeland. The purpose of the company is
to sell guns to law abiding citizens. In fifteen years the company will have
alot more locations in Florida. To work for this company you
would have to be honest
because if you lied so somebody
could get a gun after failing the
backround test the government
can get the company in trouble. Employees get $25,000 per year.
To work there you would have to
have a high-school diploma and
have a basic knowledge of firearms
and ammunition. The employees use computers, electic
locks, moniters and a whole lot of security cameras. Skills needed for the job are salesmanship,
marksmanship and ability to handle guns safely. I would persue a career in this company
because they have easy work that doesn't
take long. What I liked best about the job
was that the work was interesting. The only thing I didn't like
about the job was the noise. Pictures Mr.Dunn is putting things on the wall A gun zip-tied for the gun show. I was helping them with some of their work I tied this gun so people couldn't load it. Break time. The gun I used at the range and the magazine. Sweeping the bullet shells after I finished Revolver that the gunsmith was fixing They put guns in this room for three days during the background check Storage room Gun Showing a safe to a customer They are talking about a gun Talking on the phone with the government Working on the computer Talking with customers
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