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Adjectives: Comparisons with As...as and Than

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Saebom Bae

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Adjectives: Comparisons with As...as and Than


Forming comparative adjectives
Repeat the comparative adj.

; increase or decrease
comparative + and + comparative
adj. adj.
Short adjectives
1~2 syllables adjective
Long adjectives
2 or more syllables

-> use
more / less + adj.
as + adjective + as

how same or equal
Spring is
as pretty as
Jessica Alba

Spring is
as slim as

Spring's skin is
as good as
baby's skin
just as + adjective + as
make the comparison stronger
Spring is
just as pretty as
Jessica Alba.
(Sping and Jessica Alba are equally pretty)

Spring is
just as slim as
(Spring and model are equally slim)

Spring's skin is
just as good as
baby's skin.
(Spring's skin and baby's skin are equally good)
not as + adjective + as

NOT the same or equal
Sibel is
n't as pretty as
Comparative adjectives + than
how different
Spring is
smarter than

Camilo looks
older than
(even though he is younger than Spring)
even comparative adj. + than
make stronger

Karen assigns
a great deal of
but Spring prefer Karen's class
even more than
other classes.
not as...as / opposite meaning

instead less...than (one syllable adj.)

Spring is
n't as tall as
her brother.
= Spring is
smaller than
her brother.

Some adjectives
can use -er or more
(same meaning)
spelling change
-> when you
add -er
irregular form
Tropical cornor is
than La Vida Loca
(good better)
Spring is
more attractive
than Sibel.
Never use

; more + -er
; lively, lovely, friendly, and quiet
two comparative adj.
; cause and effect
the + comparative + the + comparative
adj. adj.

Karen's class is
than other classes
because of a lot of homework.
Canada is big
than Korea.
(big bigger)
Canada's weather is dr
than Korea's weather
(dry drier)
Domino pizza is
more delicious
frozen pizza.
Spring is
than Sibel.
or Spring is
more lovely
than Sibel.
Spring is
than Camilo.
or Spring is
more friendly
than Camilo.

Dan is more better(
) than LDL.
Dan is better(
) than LDL.
Spring's latin-dance ability is getting
better and better.
A: I can't go to the Cow Boys tonight because
I have a lot of
grammar homework.

Why should we do homework?
I want to hang out with my friends!! YOLO!!!

The bitter
the medicine,
the better
the body.
Spring is less tall than her brother.
My brother is so annoyed / annoying.
Spring studied very hardly / hard last night.
Two _____________ live next door.
international / nice/ students / young
Domino pizza is good / better than frozen pizza.
The lines in my supermarket are getting long / longer and longer.
Tony's pizza is ________ Sal's,

so I can't buy it often.

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