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Lucian Bernhard


Typography Group

on 13 December 2017

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Transcript of Lucian Bernhard


This type face was designed in 1937, this font was his personal version of the small x-height engravers’ old styles, which had been popular at this time. 
Here are some provided examples of this font family
Type Anatomy Breakdown
Typography Presentation by:
Jason Benitez
Ashley Groot
Jessica Hodson
Michael Carson
Type Inspired
- His work was done in poster style otherwise known as plakatstil
- Bernhard conveyed a strong message through his brief powerful statement and a single image
- Work was full of startling colours to capture the viewers eye
- He included the name of the company in a large font on a spacious background
- Born Emil Kahn, Stuggart, Germany 1883
- "Nom d'artiste" Lucian Bernhard in 1905
- Munich Art Academy
- Designed for Hollerbaum & Schmidt, Deustche Werkstatten Dresden-Hellerau; "Akademie der Kunste";
American Type Founders
- Prime role in Product advertising poster

-Bosch, Kaffee Hag and Pelikan
Type Anatomy Breakdown
Berthold Block (1908, Berthold),
drawn by Heinz Hoffmann
Concerto Rounded SG (2002, Spiece Graphics), designed by Jim Spiece
- Primarily his work was in advertising

- Bernhard’s poster style was influenced by the progressive style of the Beggarstaff brothers, British artists William Nicholson and James Pryde
This style of font Bernhard Brushscript looks as though its been drawn with a brush.
It contains looping ascenders and descenders, and has been said  to capture a quaint and casual effect.
Here is an image featuring Bernhard Brushscript, and an example of the text as well
Bernhard Modern
Lucian Bernhard has completed 35 font families in his life time, and was a big contribution to the Plakatstil movement.
The famous type designer will continue to be admired for his work, and a popular choice of text for typographers
What did you Learn?
Played a paramount role in poster advertisements
Innovator of "Plakatstil"
Created 35 different scripts
Inspired the creation of many different scripts; how poster advertisements are created
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