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No description

Cameron Keltch

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of Kilimanjaro

By: Cameron Keltch
Kilimanjaro is in Africa
It is a composite volcano
Background information/facts
Nothing on the mountain will kill you
The temperature is a hazard that happen on the volcano
In the country Tanzania
The coordinates are 3.0674 south and 37.3556 east
It is in the lower hemisphere
The tectonic plate is Africa
It erupted by the top hole and it also has two smaller holes on the side
It the highest mountain in Africa
There is ice on top of the mountain
It last erupted about 200 years ago
It is surrounded by a lot of trees and a city a little farther away form it
The volcano can erupt or slow come out which can burn you
The risk for people is small or in the middle because it a big mountain and the city are farther away
It will no erupt for a long time because it happen only 200 year ago and it take a long time to erupt
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