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Refrigerator Timeline

No description

Hala Choudhry

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Refrigerator Timeline

Refrigerator Timeline
1935: Metal ice box
The wood used was now changed to metal
More could be stored in a metal icebox compared to the wooden one
They are used for things such as ice-cream carts, and were made to be more portable
Often galvanized, meaning coated with a layer of zinc to prevent rust
They were also used by the ice men, going house to house delivering ice to those who needed it as a faster distribution method resulting in a change of new process
1950: Double door Fridges
These refrigerators were different because they used gas known as Freon
Freon was used as the main chemical that kept products cold for a longer period of time
Absorption technology which is change of technology required heat to provide energy to cool products
Non-toxic, non-flammable but still used in old appliances
Harms the ozone layer and government were banning this gas to be used in new refrigerators which is change of new attitudes regarding environmental concerns
1990: CFS refrigerators
Up to date and more fashionable
Used chlorofluorocarbon(CFC) as a refrigerant (substance use for refrigeration) instead of freon
Eliminated danger of fire and poisoning
This is a ozone-depleting substance, it's the wearing out of the amount of ozone in the stratosphere (layer of the earth's atmosphere above the troposphere)
This would be a serious problem if there was a leak. This is new attitudes change regarding environmental concerns
Run on less electricity
2000: French door
Side by side style with freezer attached to the bottom
Wide shelves in both sections which equals to more storage such as pizza
Adjust the shelves up and down according to yourself which is the new technology change
Should consider energy efficiency because the more bigger the fridge more energy is wasted in cooling a bigger space which is the new attitude change
Cost increases depending on style, color, size
Adjust temperature levels is a technology change & is used to keep food cooler
1949: Side by side
Refrigerator and freezer parallel
Open like doors on cabinets or closets
Refrigerator is bigger than freezer but narrowed down so less space is taken which is the new attitudes change while buying refrigerators
More capacity to store food since refrigerator is a little wider
Easier to reach or take out frozen and fresh food
Comes with ice and water dispensers which is the change of new technology and makes it more convenient because you can get your ice faster and this results change in new attitudes
Not popular until 1965
Allows keeping food fresh for a longer period of time
People can buy food items in bulks which saves money and they can eat anytime which is change of new attitude
In today's time refrigerator are more efficient because they consume the same amount of energy while being three times as large. This is change of new process because they are faster, better and efficient
On average refrigerators would last about 13 years but after that they should replaced or recycled wich is change of new attitude because people can still reuse them
Chest Refrigerator
1925: Wooden Ice Box
Known as domestic or commercial
Process for quick freezing food
Freezing food, temperature set below 0 degrees as change in technology
Saved up costs for families by purchasing meat, frozen vegetables and other items in large quantities
Difficult to reach products
Freezers at the time were expensive to run
Plugged into outlets and runs of electricity results in change in compression technology
Uses gas system such as anhydrous ammonia or sulfur dioxide which causes leaks and puts houses in risks and danger. This is change of new attitude because its regarding environmental concerns

Very first refrigerator used
Simple and easy to use
Ice is stored in the box with food so it could be kept cold
Known as electric refrigerators and ice would have to be replaced every few days
Insulated by corks or other things that would result in good insulators and keep the ice box cool
Inventors customized mechanical refrigerating machines which make ice and kept products cool which is the change of technology
Used by meat packers and railroad cars and ships provided refrigeration transportation as one of the changes of new process distribution
Handy for truck drivers
Interesting Facts
Refrigerators have their own holiday "National clean out your refrigerator day" is celebrated on November 15
1/3 of refrigerators cold air can escape when the door is opened
First household refrigerator was produced by General electric in 1911 was called a monitor top and would cost $520
In Pennsylvania its illegal to sleep on your fridge if it's outside
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