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Battelle Value-added eToolkit - Nov 2012

Introduction used at November 2012 Regional Meetings

Thomas Fisher

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Battelle Value-added eToolkit - Nov 2012

Foundational Resources For Principals Principal Scenarios
Focus Action Guide for Principals
Discussion Questions for leaders - Generic
Additional Readings For Teachers Teacher Scenarios
Focus Action Guide & Facilitation Guide
Value-added Scenario Worksheet
Additional Readings Additional Resources/Readings ARDA Power Point from Principals' Meeting at MBSHS
Value-added Measures in Education by Douglas N. Harris
How to Use Value-added Analysis to Improve Student Learning: A Field Guide for School and District Leaders by K. Kennedy, M. Peters, & M. Thomas (Battelle for Kids)
Why Are Some Teachers More Effective than Others?
Homeruns, RBI's, and Batting Averages: How Today's Educators Measure Up
Lesson Learned About the Importance of Change Management and Strategic Communication Battelle Value-added eToolkit Exploring the Value-added Ten Rollout Considerations
Value-added Overview and FAQ
Value-added 2: Oak Tree Analogy Video
Value-added 1: introduction PPT FADSS Working with a Gates Foundation grant and Battelle for Kids adapted resources to inform educators about VAM. Table of Contents Contact Information Thomas Fisher
tfisher@dadeschools.net Links http://bit.ly/FLVAMMeToolkit
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