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Survey of Career Service Professionals

Please visit the CERIC website www.ceric.ca to download the Survey of Career Service Professionals Highlights Report

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Transcript of Survey of Career Service Professionals

Let's climb up to the top! Survey of Career Service Professionals Older, female-dominated field
Very well educated; modest salaries
Most interested in learning about career assessment tools, labour market information, working with adults in career transition
Prefer training face-to-face; access information online
Certification is important to you; half want to become managers
Recognize the value of social media, but don’t often use it In Conclusion - Provincial (316 Responses): 16 associations/bodies were mentioned.

- National (102 Responses): 7 associations/bodies were mentioned.

- Non-Canadian (61 Responses): 14 associations/bodies were mentioned.
Career Competency/Mobility:
Certification What three topics would you like to see career development related
research focus upon? (1188 Responses)

What NEW theories, approaches, innovations, and/or programs
in career counselling/career development are you aware of? (416 Responses) Research:
Topics of Interest and New Content What is your job title?
(954 Responses) Demographic Information:
Employment Details - Job Titles What sector do you work in? (Select all that apply) Demographic Information:
Career Characteristics - Sector
What was the primary influencer for your entry
into the field of career development?
(913 Responses) Demographic Information:
Career Path - Entry into the Field Demographic Information:
Gender and Age - A Closer Look Demographic Information:
i- Survey roll-out, management and response

ii- What we can say about the findings

iii- Knowledge dissemination plan
Survey Execution, Data Interpretation and Knowledge Transfer i CERIC’s Research Agenda
ii Considering past efforts and current considerations
iii Developing the investigative instrument:
Demographic Section (19 questions)
CERIC and its Programs (9 questions)
Professional Development and Learning (14 questions)
Research (9 questions)
Career Capacity/Mobility (7 questions)
Technology Access and Awareness (8 questions) Background to the Research Process

Please visit the CERIC website www.ceric.ca to download the Survey of Career Service
Professionals Highlights Report (available in English and French)
and related information as it becomes available. Survey of Career Service Professionals
How interested are you in becoming a manager
in the field of career development? Career Competency/Mobility:
Career Aspirations - Management Ambitions
How important is being professionally certified to you? Career Competency/Mobility:
Given the available sources for career-related information,
which of the following has presented you with the greatest challenge
in meeting your research and information needs?
(Select the top 3 that apply) Professional Development and Learning:
Information Hurdles
How do you like to access research and information on tips,
trends and techniques in the career development field?
(Select the top 3 that apply) Professional Development and Learning:
Targets of Information Generally speaking, how frequently do you like to receive
career-related information? Professional Development and Learning:
Access to Information
Given the training opportunities currently available to the field,
which of the following presents the greatest challenge
in meeting your training needs? Professional Development and Learning:
Meeting Training Needs
Thinking about given time constraints and available resources,
what type of training do you prefer? (Select the top 3 that apply) Professional Development and Learning:
Preferred Training Method
On which of the following client groups would you most like to focus your professional development? (Select all that apply) Professional Development and Learning:
Thematic Focus In which of the following areas would you like to focus your professional development
over the next year? (Select up to 5) Professional Development and Learning:
Skills Enhancement 1. Retired
2. Same position
3. Management
4. Private Practice
5. Graduate Program Demographic Information:
Career Plans
What is the size of your entire career services organization
(including departments and satellites)? Demographic Information:
Employment Details - Size of Organization Do you have...
single employer, multiple contracts
or other. Demographic Information:
Employment Details - Employer Which answer BEST describes your job function as it relates to the career development/career counselling field? (Choose 1 answer) Demographic Information:
Career Characteristics - Job Function
How did you find yourself working in the career development field?
(Select all that apply) Demographic Information:
Career Path - Entry into Field
Years working in career development? Demographic Information:
Career Path - Years in the Field What was your main area of focus in your highest level of post-secondary studies applicable to the career services field? Demographic Information:
Educational Profile - Area of Focus What is your highest level of education completed? Demographic Information:
Educational Profile - Highest Level Attained
What social media tools do you use
most often for professional purposes? (Select all that apply) Technology Access and Awareness:
Social Media Tools How would you rate your skill-level in terms of using social media as a career development tool?

To what extent are you involved in educating your clientsabout how to use social media tools? Technology Access and Awareness:
Social Media Skills and Client Training How important is social media in terms of the work
performed by career service professionals?

How often do you use social media tools for professional purposes? Technology Access and Awareness:
The Place of Social Media
If available, would a potential opportunity to enhance your competencies in the following areas be suitable to your employer's needs? (Rank) Career Competency/Mobility:
Meeting Employer Needs Are you currently evaluating the impact of your career
counselling/career development program or services?

If you are currently evaluating your program, what are you focusing upon? Research:
Evaluating Interventions Is your organization involved in career development research?

What types of research are you undertaking? (Select all that apply) Research:
Engagement and Approach What is your gross (before deductions) annual salary or income? Demographic Information:
Employment Details - Salary Which best describes your work situation? Demographic Information:
Employment Details - Full or Part-time Status How would you describe the area where you are located? Demographic Information:
Rural vs. Urban Gender:

Age: Demographic Information:
Gender and Age Professional Development and Learning:
Budgetary Allowance Interest in Career Development
Wanted to Help People
Employment/Advancement Opportunity
Educational Background
Personal Experience with Career Services (as a client) Where do you see yourself in five years in terms of your career?
(931 Responses)

If you are considering moving to a new field, please indicate the reason. (Select all that apply) What is your yearly personal professional development budget?

If an employer were not in a position to cover the costs of your professional development, how much would you be personally willing to pay for
professional development annually?
1. Labour Market
2. Social Media
3. Mental Health
4. Post Secondary Education
5. Career Issues for Immigrants/New Canadians
6. Aboriginal Issues
7. Older Workers
8. Clients with Disabilities Mainly “newish” responses were provided (For instance, Chaos Theory, Positive Psychology, Happenstance, and Motivational Interviewing) along with many stating that there are no “new” theories, approaches, innovations and/or programs. If you are currently certified or pursuing certification,
please tell us by which body. Employment Co-ordinator
Employment Specialist
Employment Counsellor
Career Counsellor
Career Educator
Career and Work Coach
Career Advisor
Senior Consultant
Guidance Teacher Congratulations! Questions?
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