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Hour 2

Jordan, China, and Vietnam

Kaytlyn Sneed

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Hour 2

China Food In China rice forms the base for most dishes. Art Sports Animals Noodles are very common in Chinese cooking. Vietnam Food Sports Art Animals Vietnamese cooking is a mixture of Chinese, French, and a little Thai cooking. Vietnamese cuisine is divided into North, Central, and Southren styles Jordan Food 2 Main Animals of China Giant Panda Formal name: Ailuro Poda melanoleucd
Habitat: Southwestern China
Favorite food: Bamboo South China Tiger Formal: Panthera tigris amoyensis
Habitat: Southern chinese forests
Favorite food: Livestock Animals in China's Culture Animals are a large part in china's culture.
They demenstrate this by making a chinese
zodiac, where animals represent a certain year.
A certain animal, say the tiger, will appear every
12 years and, if you're born in that year, you will
have a certain personality. Chopsticks are used to eat every meal. Many regions have their own special style of cooking. Animals in China's Mythology Dragons played an important
role in chinese myhthology.
They were powerful beings that
could only be controled by
emporers. If a dragon was seen
on Earth, it meant a founder of
a new dynasty was about to be born. Dragons Pheonix the phoenix was a magical bird
that lived in southern china.
It is a symbol of fire in chinese
mythology. The Phoenix was
the representative of the empress, while the
dragon was the symbol of the emporer. In Vietnam they eat dog meat for special occasions. Vietnamese people eat deer, crabs, snakes, and frogs. jask;lsdjaf;a
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