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Historical photographers

No description

Hilary Rodriguez

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Historical photographers

Stephen Shore Background Stephen was known for taking pictures of uncommon places all over the world. Stephen was born on October 8, 1947.He was interested in photography from
an early age.At the age of 6 he was giving his own photographic darkroom kit. A few years later he was giving a book on American Photographers. which later became a great influence for him.. Getting started And next photographer... Stephen started shooting with a 35mm camera.

Stephen's career started at 14. When Edward

Stephen bought 3 of his photographs. Helen Levitt Helen was born on August 31, 1913 Stephen Similarites Helen * street photographer * American photographers 1974 Post Falls, Idaho - Levitt grew up in Brooklyn, New York. She Dropped out of school, she taught herself photography while working for a local photographer. Levitt became fascinated with the chalk drawings that the children of New York drew at that time period . Levitt takes pictures of street drawings. Levitt photographs were not intended to tell a story or document a social thesis; she worked in poor neighborhoods because there were people there, and a street life that was "richly sociable and visually interesting". Levitt's wonderfully took black and white shots from the 1930s and 40s of urban kids playing, and ordinary people going about their lives have inspired generations of photographers. *focus more on telling stories using pictures mainly about unknown interesting places in the U.S * both started at a young age. * both started their careers with 35mm cameras *Worked on several documentaries * Focused more on poverty sticken places * Became one of the first living photographers with an exhibition at the metropolitan museum of art * Wrote one of the the worlds most famous photography books "uncommon places" Cites South Carolina 1975 1974 Church & second Texas 1975 National park, California 1979 *alive Died in March 29, 2009 Also known for his amazing way of using colors,
to create art.
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