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Third Grade Landforms

No description

Stephen J

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Third Grade Landforms

Third Grade Mountains Third Grade Landforms Plains A plain is a landform.It is a flat area of land.There are plains all over the world.Even it is easy to walk on. Third Grade Landforms Hills Hills are a landform.Hills are lower than mountains.Hills are easier to climb than mountains.Some hills are very big.Even some are very small. Mountains Landforms Mountains are a landform.A mountain is very tall.Some mountains are as big as big volcano.Even it might take weeks to climb a mountain. Third Grade Landforms Islands Islands are a landform.An island is a piece of land surrounded by water.Some islands are big.Even some islands are small. Third Grade Landforms Valleys Valleys are a landform.Valleys are the space between mountains or large hills.Some valleys are very deep.Even some valleys are very wide. Third Grade landforms Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon is a landform.It is the longest canyon ever.There are two mountains beside it.Even you can ride a boat in it. Third Grade Landforms Plateaus Plateaus are a landform.Plataeus are mountains that have a flat top.Even you can build stuff on top of it. Third Grade Landforms Peninsulas Peninsulas are a landform.They are surrounded by water on three sides.Even they can be very long. Photo Citations
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