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Using Digital signage to enhance user engagement in the Unisa Library

No description

Khuliso Matsheka

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Using Digital signage to enhance user engagement in the Unisa Library

Scheduling control


System reportd back
Digital Signage Software
Remote management of content with ability to upload and manage content from various locations to any of the information kiosks at Unisa

A variety of design templates for displaying different types of content

Different access rights for different users

Ability to schedule content to run on certain days or time periods

Interactive maps

Minimize text usage
Live event streaming

Content structure

Where am I? – Floor maps
What services are available? – list of services
I do not know! – FAQs
What is happening! – Events, important dates.

Content selection

Accepts input from the user
Provides access to on-demand information
Does not stay static

What is an interactive display screen?

Khuliso Matsheka
Library technology Showcase
6 June 2014

Using Digital Signage to enhance user engagement in the Unisa Library
Advantages of digital signage
Single integrated solution that will allow content management for digital signage and interactive screen
Reporting to indicate activity on Touch screens
Software requirements
Somewhat effective but outdated
3D map with layering possibilities
Icon designs

Are naturally inviting
Conveys the message even without text
Mimics smart phones apps
Final product
is inteactive map that call up information on demand
It's attention grabbing - great for students
It's focused - dynamically changes to deliver your focused message at a critical point
It's dynamic - can be changed to meet the demographics of your students
Cost effective - No more printing and distributing static signs

Advertising board
Once upon a time...
Thank you
Started as a service optimizing initiative to improve access to information for students visiting the Library
Innovative way to encourage users to engage with the content
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