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C.S. Lewis

No description

Kenzie Bledsoe

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of C.S. Lewis

Advocate for Animal Rights Clive Staples Lewis Texts The Problem of Pain (1940)
- Animal Pain
The Space Trilogy
-That Hideous Strength (1945)
God In The Dock (1970)
- Vivisection (1947)
The Chronicles of Narnia (1955) Allusions to Animal Rights Chronicles of Narnia:
-good vs. bad characters
-overall message Critique Philosophical Approach
Use of questions
Personal Experience By Rachael Barnes, Mackenzie Bledsoe, Jenny Rundquist
Advocacy was found in his books and other works
No activist groups available Lewis, C.S., (2013). The Biography Channel website. Retrieved
06:51, Jan 08, 2013, from http://www.biography.com/people/cs-lewis-9380969.

Lewis, C.S., (1970). The Pains of Animals. In A. Walter Hooper
(Ed.),God in the Dock (161-171). The Trustees of the Estate of C. S. Lewis

Lewis, C.S., (2001). Animal Pain. The Problem of Pain (132-144).
New York, NY: HarperOne.

Lewis, C.S., & Baynes, P. (2001). The chronicles of Narnia. New
York: HarperCollinsPublishers.

Lewis, C.S., (2013). The Biography Channel website. Retrieved
06:51, Jan 08, 2013, from http://www.biography.com/people/cs-lewis-9380969. Bibliography Lifespan: 1898-1963
Oxford University
Christianity and Ethics Advocate Style C.S. Lewis The Problem of Pain Animal Pain Purpose - Three Questions
-deductive reasoning
-topical structure
Audience - Appeals to Christian based
Persona - Scholar/educated peer
Presumption - ABC Reasoning
Tone - uncertain phrases
-"How far up the scale such unconscious sentience may extend, I will not even guess" (422).
examples, one source, logic "The argument from silence is, therefore, very weak" (424). through the lens of Christianity seeking reason for suffering before the death of his wife Animal Pain examples, analogy, one source, logic
Question #1: "The correct description would be 'Pain is taking place in this animal;' not, as we commonly say, 'This animal feels pain...'" (422).
Question #2: analogy (423).
Question #3: "The argument from silence is, therefore, very weak" (424). Descriptive Analysis Descriptive Analysis Animal Pain Strategies
- Analogy - Adam and Eve vs treatment of animals
"I take a very low view of 'climates of opinion...' all discoveries are made and all errors corrected by those who ignore the 'climate of opinion.'" (423). Descriptive Analysis Vivisection (1947) God in the Dock Series of letters and essays
Compiled and published after his death
Responds to criticisms of previous works Purpose - determine why vivisection is wrong
Audience - appeals to Christians
- Anti -Vivisection Society
Persona - authority
Tone - Rational
Structure - deductive, topical
Supporting Materials -
authority - Bible, Lewis Carroll
Strategies -
"They paint pictures of pretty little dogs on dissecting tables" (224) Indirect Arguments
Lengthy Argument
Limited Audience
Subtle message Pros Cons Advocates a new topic
Discredits self Both
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