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The Army Nurse Corps

No description

student Roth

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of The Army Nurse Corps

The Army Nurse Corps
Lily Morris
Nurses have always been in wars to help injured soldiers. However, they weren't considered part of the army. In 1901, the official Army Nurse Corps formed and are now officially part of the Army. In 1917, there were 403 active nurses. By 1945, there were over 21,000 active nurses. This corps grew rapidly and gave many women power and a voice in the war and government.
The Army Nurse Corps
World War Two Army Nurse Corps
So, How did WWII contribute to the evolution of The Army Nurse Corps?
Well, with all these new dangers and conditions WWII forced nurses to have to sometimes improvise and make quick decisions that could mean life or death on the spot. WWII evolved the way the army nurse corps cared for soldiers. Nurses now had to be quicker with their choices that could mean life or death.
During WWII, nurses now worked closer to the field than ever before. Soldiers could now get the help they needed quicker. However working closer to the field also brought up new dangers for the nurses.
During WWII
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How did WWII contribute to the evolution of The Army Nurse Corps?
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