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No description

Shannon Kraemer

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Amélie

A Film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet Short Plot Summary Literary Aspects Characters
Amélie Poulain (round, protagonist)
Mr. Dufayel (flat)
Nino Quincampoix (love interest)
Mr. Collignon (slight antagonist)
And many other supporting characters whom Amélie affects with her good deeds. Literary Aspects (Continued) Setting
In the city of Montmartre,
France, 1997 Many scenes also take place in the café where Amélie works. Literary Aspects (Continued) The conflict
Amélie struggles to break out of her shy character once she discovers love The climax
As she takes subtle advice from Mr. Dufayel, she begins to piece together her own life instead of only helping others. Literary Aspects (Continued) Themes and Morals
It is good to help others, but you must also remember to help yourself.
Shyness is an internal barrier that can be broken with courage.
Romantic love is not for everybody. Some people enjoy life more without a partner. Dramatic Aspects Actors and Actresses Audrey Tatou
as Amélie Matthieu Kassovitz
as Nino Serge Merlin
as Mr. Dufayel Urbain Cancelier
as Mr. Collignon Dramatic Aspects (Continued) Costumes, Makeup and Lighting Dramatic Aspects (Continued) Sound and Soundtrack Nominated for Oscar in 2002 for "Best Sound"
Sound effects add whismicality
Music sounds very French, with accordions and pianos Cinematic Aspects Flashbacks and other uses of soft focus Cinematic Aspects (Continued) Innovative Panning and Tilting Shots Analysis as a Foreign Film Although it is rated R, it's hard to find feel-good movies as meaningful in Hollywood. Unlike the humor in the romantic comedies that come out of Hollywood, the humor is wittier and requires more thought to understand. Portrayal of France Reinforces the impression of France having an aura of romance and beauty. Since Amélie is dedicated to spreading cheer, the city of Montmartre is portrayed as being cheery and happy.
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