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~The Advantages and Disadvantages of Joining Gangs.~

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Kendra Teasley

on 24 December 2010

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Transcript of ~The Advantages and Disadvantages of Joining Gangs.~

~The Advantages and Disadvantages
of Joining Gangs~ Advantages Disadvantages Parties
Meet Boys/Girls
Love Fighting
Loosing Family/Friends
Lost of Freedom
Brainwashing A lot of fighting is involved when you are apart of a gangs, and it risk's your life. When you're in a gang they do gang initiation, which is shooting someone you know They think it is cool to be in gangs because
you receive money, get tattoos, guns are involved,
they "believe" it gives them power, participate in drugs, are involved in a lot of sex, and go to different parties. It is said, that being in a gang makes you known/popular because the group has a title and is known. When you are in a gang, there are rules that you must live by. You are not able to do what you want, and if you refuse to comply to the rules you must suffer the consequences. Those consequences could be death or getting beat.
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