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Gender & the Life Course SOAN101 F14

No description

Julie Jenkins

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Gender & the Life Course SOAN101 F14

Gender & the Life Course
How is the tension between the idealized vision of femininity and the idea that men should stay away from women before initiation negotiated? Do Gebusi men follow the expectation of behaviour?
How does the ideal image of femininity relate to expressions of masculinity? To women's own gendered experiences? Who controls the representation of femininity?
What ideal forms of femininity and masculinity are expressed in our society? who controls these representations? How are these contested?
What is the purpose of the male initiation?
Rites of Passage
Arnold Van Gennep
-purpose to transform a person from one social status or state of being to another
-or transition between events, seasons, etc.
change person's status individually and in the eyes of the social group generally
separation - transition - incorporation
preliminal - liminal - postliminal
What moments during the Gebusi initiation reflect these characteristics?
What kinds of rites of passage have you participated in?
Victor Turner

Focused on the liminal or transitional stage
creates ritual bonding between members
--where 'structural' distinctions are diminished
partly created through actual or symbolic violence
Ritual of cohesion
Emile Durkheim

The main issue is social integration and cohesion—the creation and perpetuation of the group as a group.
During rituals, social cohesion is achieved through a re-attachment to the social values of the community.
How are the Gebusi reaffirming the social values of the community via the male initiation?
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