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Direct Marketing

No description

Juan Camilo Arango

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Direct Marketing

Possibility of bothering clients for receiving constant messages
Could have a negative reaction with the customers who may think that this is a invasion of privacy.
Nowadays a lot of people have different technological devices and remain connected with the digital world., so it is a good medium for direct marketing.
Creates spaces in which customers interact with the brand.
Reaches specific audiences in an interactive and more attractive way.

Direct Marketing
Connecting directly with carefully targeted consumers,
often on a one-to-one, interactive basis. Begins with a hosted database.

Sending an offer, announcement, reminder, or other item to a person at a particular physical or virtual address.

It permits high target market selectivity.
Can be personalized.
Is flexible.
Allows the easy measurement of results.
Direct mail traditional or digital, may be resent as "junk mail"
or spam if it is sent to people who have not interest in it.
1. Direct-mail
Direct marketing through print, video, or digital catalogs
that are mailed to select customers, made available in stores,
or presented online.

For example:

It is...
Online Catalogs
Eliminate printing and mailing costs.
They can offer unlimited amount of
The products and features can be added or removed,
and prices can be adjusted.
They don't create emotional connections with
Paper catalogs
Create emotional connections with customers.
They have printing and mailing costs.
The Space to offer the products is limited.
It´s about....
Using the telephone to sell directly to consumers and business customers.
Purchasing convenience increasing product and service information.
frequent calls may annoy consumers for unsolicited telephone marketing,
many of them may not pick up the phone.
Sales Management

3. Telephone
1. Administration and design sales management
• Design and organization of sales structure.
• Managing sales Process.
• Sales strategic planning.
• Sales promotion
• Sales force

3. Professionalization of the sales
• Development of high performance
• Strategic service vision and its
application on sales.
• Sales team training.

4. Negotiation.
• Developing skills of negotiation.
• Negotiation Power.

Types of direct marketing

6. New digital
Efforts to market products and
Services, and build relationships
with clients and
customers through the internet
Online marketing areas
Trading business to consumer:
Businesses that sell products and services online to final customers. For example airline tickets, computers,clothes.

Business trade:
Business that use the online marketing to get new clients and companies. In addition it serves loyal customers more effectively.For example: websites, email, catalogs, commercial networks.

Advantages of online marketing
74% of the U.S. population had access to internet last year.
Today all companies doing business online.
Reduce costs orders.
Decreases paperwork.
Accelerates the process of customer orders.
More than half of U.S. households make purchases on the Internet.
This form of marketing allows people have access to many larger sites than in the local market.
blogs are a means fresh, original, personal and economic where the people can participate in conversations.
Misuse of the Internet can create terrible damage to businesses and consumers, there are cases of deception and fraud.
Direct marketing excesses annoy and offend consumer
Spam, misleading advertising on websites
Invasion of privacy
7. Online
what is it?
4. Kiosk
Kiosks are information and ordering machines.

What are they?

They reduce waiting time. You can find all sorts of information and make purchases on your own

Where can you find these machines?

Stores, airports, hotels and other locations.

Curious data..
According to a study, 70% of web purchases are driven by catalogs
There are efficient and reduce waiting times.
Bridge the gap between old-fashion stores and online shopping.

Some examples:

In store Kodak, kiosks let customers transfer
pictures from digital storage devices, edit, and
make high-quality prints.

Other example..

Cinemex sells tickets with kiosks machines, with these machines customers don´t have to go to the ticket office.

marketing (DRTV)
Marketing of mob:
consist in sending text messages with different information for interacting with the brand.
Podcast and vodcast:
audio or video files as downloadable announcements, applications of information and other promotions.
Interactive TV:
allows viewers to interact with the programming and the television advertising by remote control.
Trade between consumers:
Online exchanges of products and information between finals customers.For example: Facebook, blogs.

Consumer Commerce to the company:
There are two major forms of DRTV
1. Direct-response television advertising:
Direct marketers air television spots, often 60 or 120 seconds in length, which persuasively describe a product and give customers a toll-free number or a web site for ordering.

Television viewers also often encounter full 30-minute or longer advertising programs, called
, for a single product.
Is a process by which a salesperson engages in communication and interaction directly with a person in order to make a sale
Is easier to persuade a buyer in person that by phone or written.
It provides a personal connection between a salesperson and a customer.
A salesperson engaged in face-to-face selling can also better gauge reactions and interest from a client when meeting him or her in person
Face to face selling requires greater investment.
Disturb the buyer if the seller is desperate for a sell.
Individual salespeople are often required to attend each sales meeting, which means that they are typically paid for their time regardless of whether the sale is successful or not
2. Coaching and Development.
• Coaching for sales

5. Capstone competences.
• Assessing sales force performance.
"Sales management is the discipline of maximizing the benefits a company and its customers receive from the efforts of its sales force" - Sales Management Services

Comparing some certified programs of sales management from Universities like EAFIT, Universidad de la Sabana and The Sales Management Association, we found that the common structure (and the topics) to know about this area is…
Jerónimo Álvarez
Juan Camilo Arango
Laura Bilbao
Maria Camila Betancur
Clemenceau Haydar
Ramón Villa
8. Face to face selling
What is direct-mail marketing?
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