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6 Character Traits For Percy Jackson

No description

breaden cabico

on 16 May 2017

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Transcript of 6 Character Traits For Percy Jackson

Percy showed Thoughtfulness. Thoughtfulness is when you reflect carefully before you act. Percy showed Thoughtfulness when Percy was at his apartment asking his mom if he wanted to go to Long Island. But before Percy asked her, he gave a lot of thought into it like: " Will she send me to another boarding school?" or " Will she cancel and work instead?" .
Percy showed Trustworthy. Trustworthy is when you can have trust in others. Percy showed Trustworthy when he trusted Ares, The God Of War. After Ares asking him to retrieve his shield at a water park, Percy trusts him so he can get to Olympus. This reminded me of the part in the Maze Runner when Teresa arrived in the Glade got scared. After Thomas tries to calm he rdown, she trusted him and became friends.

Percy showed Intelligence. Intelligence is when you have the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Percy showed intelligence when Percy, Grover, and Annabeth were at the Thrill Ride Of Love. They were in trouble when they set off Hephaetus's trap. When the Cupid statues around the rim of the ride popped their heads open and video cameras came out, they were in trouble. But, Percy yelled "Show's over!" "Thank you! Good night!" causing the cupids to turn back to their original positions saving them.
6 Character Traits For Percy J.
In the book The Lightning Thief, Percy showed Bravery. Bravery is being strong enough to stand up to your problems. He showed Bravery when the chimera blew fire and lead Percy into the river. This made Percy Scared and Afraid to go back and fight it. Until, a spirit called to him and said " Percy take the sword. Your Father believes in you". After Percy thought of it while sinking to the bottom, Percy grabbed Riptide and fought Echidna, The owner of the Chimera. This Reminds me of when Katniss volunteered as tribute in the Hunger Games to keep her sister safe.
Percy showed Arogance. Arogance is when you think about yourself and no-one else. Percy showed Arogance when Grover asked to drop Percy home. Percy leaves when Grover wasnt looking .
Percy shows Selflessness. Selflessness is when you put your friends or others in front of you helping them. Percy shows Selflessness mostly throughout the whole book. He always tries to save his friends like whe he fought Echidna and her Chimera, and he always help his friends out of trouble like when he helped Grover get out of trouble by Nancy Bobofit, a bully in Percy's boarding school.
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Novel --->

these are 6 character traits for Percy and i hope you enjoyed my book talk
Book by: Rick Riordan
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