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Claudia Poczman

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of EHR

EHR gathers all the data on the server so every doctor in every public and private hospital, public
and private clinic has all the needed information about the patient they currently deal with in a few seconds! IDEA Every polish man who uses any health care system on the territory of Poland, beginning with small villages,and ending with big urban cities, with infants and with older people, with poor and rich. TARGET On the market there are already existing professional software tools,
which offer high quality tools made on
the pattern of Electric Health Record software in western countries TECHNOLOGY with COOPERATION privacy and security of data The platform eliminates problems with communication between hospitals and clinics and provides solid database about every person that exists in the health insurance record without any division on patience who use the services of private or public health system. Basic information about patient in his EHR: gender PESEL weight
height blood type who should be informed
in case of emergency adress
phone number
e-mail adress name date and place of birth allergies
significant constant diseases
family genetic diseases Nowadays doctors are forced to operate without any concrete information about the particular person. With EHR it takes the doctor, literally few seconds before a surgery to find out all the data that exist and were collected in patient’s whole life, what is even more important a doctor who undertakes the surgery is much more confident and has the knowledge what kind of difficulties are waiting for him when fighting for life. We cannot forget everyone who decides to move to another city; it is impossible to take all your medical history with you every time you decide to change your place of stay. The software created from the very beginning by us will give and opportunity to customize it particularly for Polish market. The whole process of recovering data from the past 100 years would take a lot of time that is why we decided that we will start building our database from the present point of time. 1. Each of the doctors gets his/her own login name and opportunity to choose their own password.
Using truly innovative solutions to provide the highest safety level that is possible on the market we want to choose Keystroke authentication identification system that is considered to have no competitors.
All the user needs to log in to the account is to keep typing, as fingerprint recognition and iris scans it is based on biometrics personal patterns unique to each human.

2.doctors need to type a patient’s PESEL and all data collected in the system will appear. Agnieszka Pełka
Claudia Poczman
Katarzyna Sznajder Ministry of health (MZ) eWUSŚ Doctors IT specialists Private hospitals and clinics Public hospitals and clinics increase quality of care improves efficiency and time management administrative cost advantages ADVANTAGES We divided our costs into hardware and software cost, support, services, total facility labour and other additional costs COSTS TIME TO IMPLEMENT PROBLEMS costs humans expensive lawsuits after hacking elemental forces training expenses electricity problem security SWOT analysis Strenghts Innovative idea which will make people’s life easier

Help increase efficiency of healthcare

Good IT specialists

Faster life rescuing

Pro-eco project(paper saving) Weaknesses Problem with security and privacy of data

Huge implementing cots

Project is time-consuming

Huge training expenses

Expensive lawsuits after hacking Opportunities The is no such a platform in Poland yet. There is a demand on the market.

People’s positive attitude for this kind of projects.

Increasing number of internet users. Threats Time-consuming agreements with government

People could try to gain personal data from our system


Society is getting older and some old data doctors may have a problem with understanding how it works. They will need to change their habits problem with updating data Risks Stakeholders analysis high costs overcoming our possibilities (credits) hacking and costs connected with lawsuits some old data doctors may have a problem with understanding how it works.
They will need to change their habits time-consuming implementation lack of some information considering data from past years (doctors cannot relay only on this platform) server’s breakdown Katarzyna Pilch
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