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Synapse 2015/16

CFIA Synapse - 10 year old network

Lambrini Michael

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of Synapse 2015/16

Synapse Network presents: Building Bridges / Le réseau synapse présente: Tisser des liens
Leaders of Tomorrow
Building Bridges
Tisser des liens
Evolution and growth of the network
The Synapse Network fosters opportunities for all CFIA employees to engage, learn, network and contribute to CFIA and the federal priorities.
Synapse represents the CFIA as a whole. There are no restrictions, no gaps and no silos.
Scope of Activities
Brainstorming Session
Creating an enviroment where employees are motivated and engaged in the agency
Synapse Network
We value the participation and ideas of everyone in the Agency and have always focussed on the “One Agency” approach from the beginning.
As a participant in the Synapse Network, how would you like to contribute to its successes, and how could Synapse support you in your endeavours?
Allowing empolyees to use their strengths and talents
Fostering passion in employees and make it contagious
Giving new opportunities to learn and innovate
Leaders of Tomorrow

"What matters is that leadership be about gathering around extraordinary individuals and getting the best out of them."

- Justin Trudeau

Lynda Richard

Scott Nelson
Jennifer Nickleson

National Champion
Barbara Jordan
National Liaison Team

Silvi Santoso, Lambrini (Brina) Michael, Hargun Chandhok, Angela Potor, Jennifer Clark, Deggen God, Paul Jakubinek, Nishandan (Nish) Yogasingam, Mélanie Cardin

Craig Price

Dorothy McRae
Sheri Sheppard

Fazal Lockhat

Megan Lee
Ento Reso

Luc Rivard

Ines Walther
Angela Sheridan

André Lambert

Jean-Martin Guay
Andréa Frenette
Synapse Network Organizational Chart
23% of the CFIA population participates in our activities.

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