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Gaming ifo consoles

This prezi is all about console information.

liam year 5

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Gaming ifo consoles

You can buy codes for the xbox 360 to get free Microsoft points which allows you to buy games. The PS3 is a console like an xbox but different, you wouldn't be able to play an xbox game on a PS3 and vice versa. The PC (computer) is also a consle but it has a mouse and more games. The xbox has xbox live so you can play online with your friends. Here are some examples of games: Halo 4, Minecraft, COD (Call of Duty Black Ops), Super Meat boy and Super Mario bro. and Castle Crushers. There are lots of games for the xbox 360 along with other consoleslikle PS3, Wii, x-boxs. Computers and other consoles can be broken easily so make sure its always put somewhere where it can't fall and break. Sometimes the x-box can show the red ring of death, if this comes up you may need to take it to a specialist shop to be repaired. This happens if you have been on the x-box too long. The xbox 360 is a game console with lots of games available e.g: Call of Duty, Crysis, Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider Anniversiry, Halo Anniversairy Combat Evolve and lots more. The ps3 is a amazing console but you can not speak to friends on live chat.The xbox has a lot of games and you can fit six people in a live chat. The consoles have a lot of games coming every year.Halo 4 has just came out his year.In halo 4 as soon as you hit SR 1oo you become master cheif. the xbox is a famous consle that has a lot of games on it.A lot of games are rated 10 baby.This year a lot of games have came out like tomb raider,crysis 3 and a lot more. Gaming information & consoles. By Liam & Chris. Please enjoy! The xbox 720 is a console that is coming out this
year. you have to download every game on to the xbox 720. The ps4 is a console that is coming out
this year.The company is editing it
so that you can talk to people in a
live chat. the pc is a amazing console as well
because you can get a lot of a games on it. The pc has a lot of games on it
like example yolo,angry birds space,
and more Thank you watching
& reading & listning. Halo 4 is a war game.You have future armor in this game.Halo 4
has future guns as well. The guns up a bove is upgraded guns
battle rifel dne and more.Mageun stc
upgraded gun as well.
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