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No description

Tiaura Robinson

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of ThE EGG DrOp

The Egg Drop Experience by Tiaura Robinson
Question 4:
What things in nature are similar to this egg drop experiment? What things that humans use are similar to the egg drop experiment? How do these things work?
I created a parachute. The parachute slowed the drop and allowed the egg to drop at a slower speed, almost softening the blow. Its hard to choose the most important material I used because the cup protected and carried the egg, and the bubble wrap cushioned the egg, and the bag slowed the speed of the fall. The least effective material I used would be out of the straws and the cotton balls.
Knowing what you know now, how would you improve upon your design to make it work better on the next try?
What material would you use in another design that you did not use today, and WHY?
Describe how your device protected the egg from cracking. What material was most important in your design? What material that you used was least effective?
Well, my egg didn't crack so I must have done something right! But honestly, could have cut down on all of the tape I used because it just a waste.
I would use peanut butter. I would use it because it's sticky and the egg won't crack if it's surrounded by the thick, creamy, sticky peanut butter.
Question 3:
Something similar to the egg drop in nature would be birds. Birds fly and have wings to slow down the drop when they are landing. Something that us humans do that is similar to the egg drop is sky diving. The parachute is blocking the air and it's therefore slowing down the drop.
Question 1:
Question 2:
Thanks for Watching!
Credits: April Brown for being my accountant.
Materials I Used:
1 Drinking straw
1 Plastic bag
1ft Bubble wrap
9 Cotton balls
1 Plastic cup
Tape and Scissors
How I Made It:
First I cut the straw in half. Then I put the ends of the plastic bag in the straws. Next I taped the ends of the straw to the sides of the cup. Then I taped the cotton balls to the middle of the sheet of bubble wrap. Next I put the bubble wrap in the cup and put the egg in the center of it. I then taped the remainder of the bubble wrap to the top of the cup.
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