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Civil War Soldier

No description

Jessa Martin

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Civil War Soldier

So Who Am I?
Know Them
Their Lives
Am I a Civilian?
Make a Note

Battle of Gettysburg
Am I Union or Confederate?

Civil War Soldier
You will be assigned a Civil War individual you will be charged with becoming the expert on their life.
During the War
After the War
Pay particular attention to their role in the battle of Gettysburg. After you turn in the paper we will be doing a mock battle!
Find out their side and rank!

Your Individual might not be a soldier!
Changing of the Lines
Take Note of the Change of the Lines
Have you completed your Worksheet?
Complete the worksheet and make sure that you keep it around to help write your paper. It will also help when we are doing the mock battle!
Women in the War
Do a Quick Google.
Find out about their pre-war and post war experience.


If you have extra time watch this in
preparation for our mock charge!
Planning Pickett's Charge
Eric Green, Mentor Teacher
Various Youtube Videos
Civil War in 4 Minutes
Gettysburg the movie
Ken Burns Documentary
Women in the Battle of Gettysburg
150th Gettysburg Reenactment
Cheryl North, RICO II Prof.
National Standard

Era 5: Civil War and Reconstruction (1850-1877)

Standard 1: The causes of the Civil War
Standard 2: The course and character of the Civil War and its effects on the American people

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