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Marketing management > Target

No description

Amber van Nieuwenhoven

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Marketing management > Target

Jouke Jelgersma
Banuna Haile
Litrecia Webster
Amber van Nieuwenhoven

1. What micro-environmental factors have affected Target's performance over the past few years?
2. What macro-environmental factors have affected Target's performance during that period?
3. By focusing on the 'Pay Less' part of its slogan has Target pursued the best strategy? Why or why not?
4. What alternative strategy might Target have followed in responding to the first signs of declining revenues and profits?
The actor close to the company that affect its ability to serve its customers - the Company, Suppliers, Market intermediaries, Customer markets, Competitors, Competitors and Publics
The larger societal forces that affect the micro-environment - Demographic, Economic, Natural, Technological, Political and cultural forces.
5. Given Target's current situation, what recommendations would you make to the CEO Steinhafel for the company's future?
Marketing Management
> Target: From 'Expect More' to 'Pay Less'
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