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The Kokoda Track Campaign

No description

Taylah Holt

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of The Kokoda Track Campaign

The Kokoda Campaign Documentary Proposal By Taylah Holt 12 / 03 / 2013 Techniques Why are my Sources Reliable? Sources Why should Australian Students know this? Kokoda Track Campaign Kokoda Track Campaign Inquiry Questions Documentary Proposal By Taylah Holt Who, what, where and why of the
Kokoda Track Campaign?

What was the most significant result of the
Kokoda track campaign?

What impact did the Kokoda track campaign
have on Australia and Australians? The Kokoda Track/Trail is a rough, muddy and unsteady path on Papua New Guinea, that leads from the small village of Wairopi, (near the village of Kokoda that had an airstrip) to Ower's corner (40km from Port Moresby).
The campaign itself was a series of
battles fought between July and November 1942 in World War II.
The Campaign was designed to defend Port Moresby from the Japanese, therefore stopping them from getting to Australia and taking over. Most of Australia's soldiers had been sent overseas to help our allies, so there weren't many people to defend Australia.

The Japanese came very close to taking Port Moresby, but the Australians held on until American soldiers were sent to help.

Out of 30,000 Aussie soldiers, 625 were killed and 1055 were injured. And out of the 13,500 Japanese soldiers, 6,500 were killed. This is part of Australia's history so why shouldn't they know about it?
They deserve to know the truth behind their country's history; their ancestors fought in this war so therefore it's more important then the history of other places because it's our History. My sources include a picture of soldiers on the track, an aerial view of Kokoda, a poem about the Fuzzy Wuzzies, and a Japanese Diary, these are all obviously reliable and accurate sources. I also have a modern map and very reliable historic information from the Australian War Memorial Website. I would use:
and Voice over All my sources are objective (even the Japanese diary) so they are purely factual and more informative; so the viewer can form their own opinions without influence. My Documentary Proposal has reliable and accurate sources, content, and information; if it was to be made into a documentary it would explain the whole campaign to Australian students and would help them understand why it should be so important to us and why so many people fought to protect our country. Documentary Proposal THE TRUTH BEHIND
THE KOKODA CAMPAIGN. Why students should know the truth. My Documentary The story is part of us so we need to learn about it in school. A documentary using reliable primary sources would be the perfect way for Australians to learn about it.

My documentary would be completely objective and only informative, with reliable sources so the viewers could have their own opinion.
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