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Ender's Game Project

Ender's Game Project for Hodges

Asha Layeni-Gardner

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Ender's Game Project

Double click anywhere & add an idea Ender Wiggin is a genius 6 year old boy.
He is the youngest and last child of the Wiggin family. He is the few third children when in society, having a third child was frowned upon. And you could only have a third child if you had special permission from the government. Ender was the supposed answer to the bugger problem for the world, he would command fleets that would go kill the buggers once and for all. Peter Wiggin is the eldest of the Wiggin children. He is a psychopathic, sadistic, and manipulative little boy. He is also a genius like his younger brother and sister. Just like Ender and Valentine he was put through tests to see if he was the answer to the bugger problem, but he enjoyed killing and harming living things too much. Peter's ultimate goal is to take over the world, which he does accomplish. Ender Wiggin is a 6 year old boy who is a genius.
He Ender is the youngest Wiggin child. He is a genius and also a third, and because of that at age six Colonel Graff and the I.F. choose him to save mankind from the buggers. Because of this, he is manipulated by a lot of people and for that he is angry at them. Valentine is Ender's older sister. She is the only person that truly loves him. She is always protecting him from their sadistic and psychopathic brother, Peter. She is the only person who helps Ender get in control of himself when he loses himself. Bean is Ender's last friend in Battle School. And in some ways Bean reminds Ender of himself when he first arrived at Battle School. Bean helps Ender hold onto his humanity. He is also one of Ender's commanders. Peter is the eldest Wiggin child, he is evil and gifted in manipulation. He is ruthless but without compassion like his siblings. His ultimate goal is to control the Earth. Which later does by using an alter ego by the name of Locke. Dink is a platoon leader in the Rat Army. He also Ender's friend, and a very good strategist who looks out for Ender. He even warns Ender about Bonzo's plot to kill him. Dink is another squanderon leader in Ender's fleet against the buggers. Petra is the commander of the Phoenix Army. She helps Ender while he's in the Salamander Army. Through this they stay friends throughout the book. This is shown that Ender relies on her so much that she has a mental breakdown. She is one of the commanders during the battle with the buggers. Alai becomes Ender's best friend, who is part of his Launch group. He helps Ender gain acceptance with the other recruits. Ender's friendship with Alai helps him from falling into despair a few times. Alai is also another commander when they are fighting the buggers. Carn Carby is the commander of the Rabbit Arny. Eventhough he was Carn Carby is the commander of the Rabbit Army. Eventhough he was Carn Carby is the commander of the Rabbit Army. He respects and treats Ender well eventhough he got beat badly by Ender and the Dragon Army. He is also one the commanders in Ender's fleet. Bonzo Madrid is the commander of the Salamander Army. He is also Ender's enemy. His pride makes him hate the fact that Ender is smarter and better than him, which makes him challenge Ender to a fight to the death. He loses and dies. Colonel Graff is the head of Battle School until Ender leaves, and he teaches him until Ender's training with Mazer Rackham. Graff loves Ender, he shows this by letting Ender act like a child eventhough he asks a lot of Ender. He is one of the many characters that manipulate Ender. ENDER'S GAME
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