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No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Everlost

by: Megan Wagenblast

Two kids, Nick and Allie, wind up in a place called Everlost and are confused at first, but when they meet a kid named Leif they understand that this is not the afterlife, but its not the living ether. Allie is determined to find a way out and Nick is right beside her discovering the mysteries of this magical world.
Will they ever get out?
Find out by reading Everlost.
- chocolate faced boy who winds up in Everlost with Allie

- a girl who is determined to get out of Everlost and find out what happened to her.

These 2 kids are determined to find out what got them in Everlost and how to get out.
dead forest,
verlost tower

They go through these places discovering incredible things about Everlost and the people in it.
Final Thoughts
Main Characters
This book is packed with
action and adventure. If you
are perfect for action, adventure,
and excitement, this is the book
for you. Perfect for tween kids
and teens. That's not the
end. Everlost is book one
of The Skinjacker Trilogy.
The other 2 books are
Everwild and Everfound. Find out if
Allie and Nick will never get out of
Hope You Enjoyed!!
Read Everlost!!
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