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Diabetes Storyboard

No description

Ting Shih

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Diabetes Storyboard

Secure and private transmission of patient information to remote specialist. Can also look at symptom changes over time Consulting doctor enters treatment advice on web or phone. Physician tells clinic nurse to use ClickMedix to capture patient symptoms.
Increase capacity, while saving on costs Selects Medical History form Enters immunization information Enters family history Reviews responses Submits case Takes pictures of symptoms Indicates location of symptom and trend data for additional information or on his cell phone Patient receives remote doctor's advice for continued monitoring on his phone. Can manage all patient care using her mobile phone Patient visits clinic Specialist doctor reviews case on secure website Open wound Diabetes specialist can view inital risk assessment and schedule appointment with patient. Or use his phone to respond to the assessment. Orders blood test Based on user's lifestyle assessment, fitness trainer sends invite to user. Patient receives invite and joins Nutritionist reviews the user's condition and provides needed advice. Blood glucose versus A1C Diabetes center invites patient to continue tracking his progress via ClickMedix for remote followup care. Continuous monitoring by doctor Timely adjustment of medication based on metrics Additional patients, revenues, and success cases Improved diet Dietitians: Healthier client, more revenue and referrals Improved fitness More customer success stores, more revenues. A1C = 4.3% (REVERSED DIABETES!)
Weight = 65KG (Goal reached)
Healthy life style lowers risk of co-morbid diseases: hypertension, kidney diseases, heart diseases, stroke Short-term Benefits
Increased capacity
Improved health outcomes
Reduced penalties Ongoing Benefits
Scale-up to additional sites
Lower operational costs
Healthier members 360-degree Health Care Health Assessment
(mobile) Lose weight Fitness Training Disease Monitoring and Control Need Health Diet + Fitness Training Need Health Diet +
Fitness Training +
Disease Monitoring Ongoing control and monitoring Integrate with electronic health record (EHR) system if needed. Initial assessment and clinic appointment scheduling Recommends home-monitoring device Patient pays for visit Health worker relays consult response from phone Patient or nurse downloads assessment app on behalf of patient Clinic Assessment Screening and remote doctor's assessment Reminder for taking medications and glucose measurements Customized day plan to control diet and exercise Fitness Centers Diabetes Specialists Diet Professionals Cash Or, make system available on-site 180 Doctors 150 Can use cases as teaching materials and grand round discussions. In-clinic Mobile Telemed Option 1: store-and-forward to specialists: 4x increase in capacity as each consult takes 5 minutes instead of 20

Option 2: real-time video consultation with ER physicians or other available doctors

Option 3: If needed, arrange for home-visit care Objective: provide comprehensive, anytime accessible healthcare to improve health outcomes without increasing resources through mobile-phone facilitated telemedicine, triage protocols, and digital data collection
Allows current physicians/specialists to see 4 times more patients via store-and-forward; more if supervising nurses/PAs/residents
Anywhere video consultation if needed
Improve staff's ability to triage and diagnose through point-of-care reference to triage protocols and treatment plans
Real-time digital entry of paper-forms during home-visits
Improve patient education and adherence Value-Added Service
Extend offering to consumers
Promote brand image and service value
Enhance sales Schedule a clinic visit
- Virtual visit with physician assistant
- Physical clinic visit Sick - need a doctor Ask Doctor At-Risk Pool Preventative care: weight management Or on the go Hospital Patient-site Call-Center ER In-clinic In-Hospital Patient-site Call-Center ER Most hospitals are over-burdened with referrals and ER patients, some could be served through telemedicine at reduced costs Mobile-phone enabled telemedicine reduces burden on hospitals at a fraction of current costs. Mobile telemedicine enable faster resolution of patient issues with cost-effecitve resources. Health worker uses mobile application to select triage protocols or fill out patient forms Imaging and diagnostics equipment allows patient-site to become a virtual clinic Call center nurses can enter patient request information online, document patient cases, and resolve patient concerns while enabling follow-up care Clinic staff can enter patient forms or go through triage protocols ClickMedix can be used to address a variety of patient concerns http://www.ilegx.com/missionstatement.html http://www.forbes.com/sites/aroy/2012/08/07/health-affairs-study-one-third-of-doctors-wont-accept-new-medicaid-patients/
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