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Vale Case Analize

No description

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Vale Case Analize

Vale Case Analyze
Corporate Social Responsibility
Creating Shared Value

Case Summary;
The organization;
CSR practices and CSV perspective;
Mining: a complex industry
• Exploratory risk;
• Political risks;
• Depletion of the mine;
• Obsolescing bargain;
• Many environmental and social licenses to respect;
Issues faced in 2009
• Global crisis;
• China Market determining the prices – Benchmark prices;
• New contracts and shipping costs;
Spot x Benchmark markets
• The big three;
• Vale used to determine the prices of iron;
• Chinese company as the major importer;
• Small companies- spot market.

Business with small companies
• Shipping costs had to be covered;
• High price of the freight to China;
• Australian competition;
• Solution: buying vessels;
• Was investing in ships the best option to the problem?
Political pressure in Brazil
• Focus on internationalization;
• Government required more national investments;
• Financial Crisis;
• Projects in the country;
• Arguments;

Company Overview
Founded in 1942, as a estate organization.
Second largest mining company in the world.
Net worth: US$190 bi
Mining activites (iron, cooper, nickel, coal, etc);
Logistics structures: 10.000 miles of rail and 9 ports.
Sustainability in Vale's Strategy
invested in social (24%) and environmental (76%) projects
of the goals set at its Plano de Ação em Sustentabilidade
Top 100 most sustainable companies by
Corporate Knights.
A few results from this policy
Area protected
Operations area

Areas preserved are equivalent to
(in ton of CO2)
recycling rate
Clear AER - Subdury, Canadá
Investiment of
, one of the largest in Ontario history.
Projected to reduce by
SO2 emissions.
"A vida em primeiro lugar"
decrease in education
deficit of employees
increase in female employed
workers participated the "Dia da Reflexão de Saúde e Segurança"
Sulfur emissions
not burnt
C02 emissions
A mixture of 20% of biofuel and 80% of diesel.
Carajás S11D Iron Project
Vale planned a sustainable improve on the most important mining complex
of the company.
Vale Institute of Technology
A project that seeks more sophisticated technologies.
Over 800 scholarships.
researches of developed since 2009.
Is it Creating Shared Value?
Financial: Technologies developed help Vales production.
Social: Many scholarships are given.
Environment: Researches focus on sustainable causes.
Is it Creating Shared Value?
Financial: The expansion will grow the complex's production.
Environment: Less resources wasted.
Is it Creating Shared Value?
Financial: Producing its own combustible lowers the costs.
Environment: Biodiesel is "greener" than most options.
It that Creating Shared Value?
Of course!
Financial and Social: More educated and socially integrated employees.
Environment: Zero harm policies benefit the environment as well.
OH! But...
Is this investment Creating Shared Value?
Social and Environment: Less gas emissions and more green areas.
Financial: Employees get health benefits!
Global expansion
CEO: Roger Agneli
Impact on Brazil;
Environment damage and image impact;
"Profit before people."
Voted the worst company.
Founded as an agreement with US;
80% of the country's export;
Privatization of Vale;
The deal raised 11.8 bi by Valespar.
Brief History
Is Vale investing correctly?
Is it investing in the right places?
Is it investing in the right activities?
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