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MNPS School Counselor Curriculum

Conference Presentation

Beth Schroeder

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of MNPS School Counselor Curriculum

MNPS School Counseling Curriculum
Boy and Girl Scouts
Gifted Enrichment
Community Service
Clubs based on interest
Talent shows
National Office for School Counselor Advocacy's (NOSCA)
Eight Components of College and Career Readiness Counseling
Metro Nashville Public School's Vision for Characteristics of a High School Graduate

Kelso's Choice
Benchmark 5
Creation of Curriculum Guides
Career and College
focus of Metro Nashville Schools
Benchmark 3
Benchmark 4
Benchmark 6
The Beginning
April 2010, MNPS School Counseling Department is invited into the next NOSCA Urban School Initiative cohort
Resources....ours and yours
Curriculum Rollout
K-2 Curriculum
3-4 Curriculum
5-8 Curriculum
9-12 Curriculum
College Aspirations
Academic Planning for College & Career Readiness
District Level Support
Assistant Superintendent
School Counseling Department collaborate
Committees formed
5 Characteristics of a MNPS Graduate
A plan for post-secondary education and/or career
At least a 21 composite on the ACT
A work-based or service learning experience or capstone research project
One online course
College credit and/or nationally recognized professional certification.
MNPS Demographics
81,000+ Students
White 32% Native American <1%
Asian 4% Pacific Islander <1%
Black 46% Hispanic 17%
120+ Languages and Cultures

Economically Disadvantaged 71.4%
English Learners (Active) 12.7%
Tier Level
Middle School
High School
Diversity of district
reflected in
committee membership
Integration of ASCA National Model,
NOSCA, and
TN SC Comprehensive Model
Guiding principles:
user friendly language
linked to resources
data driven
Committee met over an 18 month period
Did Not Complete High School 60,673
Completed High School 106,798
Some College 88,469
Completed Associate Degree 24,544
Completed Bachelors Degree 94,621
Completed Graduate Degree 47,906
Davidson County Education Level
of Adults 25 and Older
Curriculum benchmarks include:
Student Outcomes
Data Points
Each tier curriculum contains suggestions for developmentally appropriate activities

Pre-K Career Wall
Type of Careers
Career of the Week
Virginia Career View
Career Brochure
Picture of career brochure
Bulletin Board of Career Brochures
Paws in Jobland
Holland Codes
Kelso's Choices
Second Step
Julia Cook
B.U.L.L.Y. Beans
Personal Space Camp
It's Not Easy Being A Verb
My Mouth Is A Volcano
(Almost any of her books)
Medical Science Academy
Culinary Arts
Glencliff High School Academies
Paragon Mills Visit
College Students Presentation
Career Fair
Career Fair
Career Fair
Career Fair
Career Fair Job
Dream Big
Character Counts! Student for the Week of February 11, 2013
Character Trait of the Week: Trustworthy

Please select one student from your homeroom class that has been a good example of trustworthiness. You may choose yourself or allow your class to vote.
Please return to Mrs. Shewmake by email or place in her box. Thank you.

Student’s Name:
Date: 2/11/2013
This student acts trustworthy by….

An example of their being trustworthy is when they……

Anything else to share about this student such as, are they a Safety Patrol or Chorus member, hobbies?
Tucker Town
Academic Goals
Class Academic Goal
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