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ERP: SAP and ORACLE Comparison

done by Hoda, Iman, Zahra

Hoda Al Hajeri

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of ERP: SAP and ORACLE Comparison

ERP: SAP and ORACLE Comparison Enterprise Architecture – MSIT 500

done by: Hoda, Iman, Zahra The Outline ERP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business software system that integrates various business processes and provides support for a firm core activities such as “finance and accounting, manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing, and human resources ERP Benefits Manage, integrate and control.
Improve in productivity.
Enhance customer satisfaction by improving customer responsiveness time and increase quality.
Improve the delivery of the products on time.
Cost reduction in inventory and procurement.
Reduce the cost of IT and hardware and software maintenance. ERP Evaluation The decision (Oracle vs SAP) Evaluation Business Functions Technology platforms


Customer Satisfaction Financials
Human Capital
Corporate Services Financials
Customer Relationship Managment
Human Resource Managment SAP Oracle Total cost of ownership (TCO) should be low Ease of use What does it mean for users

SAP focused on ease of use criteria more than functions

Oracle offer training tools Most SAP and Oracle Customers are satisfied SAP
“Best ERP Software” and “ Best Supply Chain Management System”

“Best Database”and “Best Customer Data Integration Software” The decision SAP with Oracle database Thanks for your attention feel free to ask Post-Sales Customer Service: The Competitive. (n.d.). Retrieved from Oracle and the High Tech Industry : http://www.oracle.com/us/industries/high-tech/046252.pdf
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References SAP vs Oracle Borouge profile:
Manufacturing domain.
Pipe systems, power and communication cables, automobile parts, and advanced packaging
Single point of integration.
Harmonize business process.
SAP ERP running on Oracle DBMS

Company ERP solution SAP ERP Product development and manufacturing.
global and local factories
automates the whole manufacturing process.
sharing the product information
Database Independent
Oracle Database
Hardware/Software platform
Unix Server based
Product development and manufacturing.
global and local factories
automates the whole manufacturing process.
sharing the product information
Database Independent
Oracle Database
Hardware/Software platform
Unix Server based
Solution Oracle 11g (Oracle 11.2) database.
direct installation and system copy.
Third party and consultants
Integrated tightly and assists enforce to standardize business process.
End-to-End business processes solution.
NetWeaver. Solution (Cont..) SAP and Oracle ERP systems
Company A and Company B
Business solutions
technical platforms
total cost of project
ease of use
combination of Both Conclusion Conclusion
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