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Copy of Copper Sun

Sharon Drapers Style

Ora Carr

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Copper Sun

Author's Style Copper Sun Imagery Style of Writing Summary Of Copper Sun Sharon draper creates images in your mind as you read copper sun. Some imagery you might see is when they escape. You might see when the masters son finds Amari and Polly and then tries to take them back but doesn't succeed. Also you may see in your head the slave ship that carries Amari to America. Details The author uses lots of details. The details create action and imagery. You can picture in your mind what is happening. Sharon Draper is a very experienced writer and had lots of books. Sharon uses details in copper to express things like how the men on the ship treated them and her journey and life as a slave and her experiences. The author is very creative. She uses lots of details and suspense to keep people reading. Copper sun is based on slavery although it is not true it describes what happened during those times. Sharon draper uses action to make her story more interesting. Amari is worried when Besa tell her there are people in the forest. Little did she know those where the people who would take her from her home. Amari is taken from her home to become a slave. The captivators kill the people of her village and keep some of the young people. She is held and shackled to others.Thanks to Afi , Amari, learns what to do on her long journey to America. Amari is sold along with another girl is a pale skin indenture named polly. Polly helps out amari because it is her job. When they get in troube and are supposed to be sold they make a run for it. They escape and arrive and fort moose where they are free. Amari finds out she is pregnanat and is very confused on what to do. Suspense Sharon draper uses suspense all through out the story. Each chapter has something that you dont expect. For example in one of the chapters it explains how a red haired man on the ship helped teach Amari English and didn't try to hurt her. Also another example is in the last chapter when Amari finds out shes pregnant by the masters son and she is in shock.
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