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2015 Travel

No description

Emma Urbahn

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of 2015 Travel

Emma & Mer's 2015 Travel
Journey of a Lifetime
Departure for Istanbul: Jan 5, 2015 - Back to USA: TBD, April

Amount of time spent in each location will be determined upon arrival of said location- lengthier stays will be taken into consideration based on: safety, job availability, funds, edible food, things to do, etc.
We do have a few ideas laid for which locations we will be spending more time than others - and those have been noted in the next few slides.
With Who?
Meredith and Emma, of course! We have already begun discussing at length the trip, and how it will look - and will get into those details in just a few. We met and became insta-besties at the Beautiful Historic Omni Shoreham Hotel approximately a year and a half ago. It has been agreed that these two adventurous individuals will not kill each other in tight quarters for extended periods of time. ...ideal for the tight quarters and extended periods of time on this particular excursion.
While this is just a preliminary itinerary (please see next part of the presentation), we don't anticipate it changing too dramatically.

Basic Itinerary:
- South East Asian Countries (SEA)
- China/Mongolia
- Russia
- Scandinavian Countries
Southeast Asia
Fly from Washington DC to Istanbul, Turkey - connecting with Friends while there
Fly from Istanbul to Bali, Indonesia
Fly from Indonesia to Singapore
Train to Phuket, Thailand
Train to Bangkok, Thailand
Train to Siem Reap, Cambodia
Bus to Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Train to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam
Buses along Vietnam coastline to Hanoi
Train to Vientiane, Laos then Luang Prabang.
Boat along MeKong to Northern Thailand border
Bus to Chiang Mai and Pai, Thailand - workaway
Fly from Thailand to Khatmandu, Nepal

Total travel, lodging, food costs:
China and Mongolia
Bus from Khatmandu, Nepal (Everest!) to Lhasa, China TBD
Train from Lhasa to Chang Sha, China
Train from Chang Sha to Zhang Jia Jie, China (Tianzi Mts)
Train from Zhang Jia Jie to Xi'an, China (Terracotta Soldiers)
Train from Xi-an to Beijing, China
TransSiberian Railroad from Beijing to Moscow
Total transportation, lodging, food:

TransSiberian Railroad from Beijing to Moscow, Russia
Bus from Moscow to St. Petersbourg
Train from St. Petersbourg to Helsinki, Finland
Total transportation, lodging, food:
Ferry from Helsinki, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden
Train from Stockholm to Copenhagen, Denmark
Bus from Copenhagen to Oslo, Norway
Train from Oslo to Bergen
Bus from Bergen to Stavanger, Norway
Fly from Stavanger to Reykjavik, Iceland
Fly from Iceland to End Destination for Emma & Meredith
Total transportation, lodging, food:

Items Needed
Convertable pants, Under Armour leggings
Hiking boots/stable tennis shoes
Kindle (Meredith)
Raincoat (Emma)
Travelers Insurance
International capabilities for cell phone and credit/debit card
Locations of all US Embassies near travels
Tax Extension Form
Let's Review
for transportation, lodging, food
AND so many unforgettable experiences and memories
Cool Stuff!
Let's be real, we're going to do a lot of AWESOME things, but here are some highlights we've looked into:
Elephant trekking in Luang Prabang
Zip Lining in Chiang Mai
Rafting and yoga in Bali
Scuba Diving in Krabi, Thailand
Volcano/Glaciers in Iceland
Skydiving/Fjords Hikings in Norway
The Great Wall, Terracotta Soldiers, Tianzi Mts, Trans Siberian RR, Mt. Everest, and on and on!
Language/ Currency
Indonesia: Balinese $1 = 12190 rupiah
Singapore: Mandarin $1 = 1.27 dollar
Thailand: Thai $1 = 32.75 baht
Cambodia: Khmer $1 = 3993.09 riel
Vietnam: Vietnamese $1 = 21105 dong
Laos: Lao $1 = 8034 kip
Nepal: Nepali $1 = 100.12 rupee
China: Chinese, Mandarin $1 = 6.06 yuan
Mongolia: Mongolian $1 = 1719.52 tugrik
Russia: Russian $1 = 34.92 ruble
Finland: Finnish $1 = .74 euro
Sweden: Swedish $1 = 6.53 krona
Denmark: Danish $1 = 5.84 krone
Norway: Norwegian $1 = 6.24 krone
Iceland: Icelandic $1 = 109.12 krona
I know, parents. It's a lot to take in. Your daughter is going off into the great unknown- foreign countries - with a girl you don't know, where they don't speak the language, don't know their way around, will have minimal contact with you, and there are some bad people out there. I mean, you've seen Taken! Those are legitimate concerns, and we'd like to ease your worries. We have preemptively taken all possible questions and hesitations into consideration and we hope to answer those here. Between the two of us, we have already done quite a bit of extensive research- difficulty level of specific legs of travel, hostel ratings and info, reading
blogs as well as speaking to people who have
actually done
these journeys, and a plethora of other specifics. While spontaneity is the heart of this trip and few plans will be totally set prior to departure, we do have a general route/outline we will follow. We intend to save up for a few more months as well as plan much, much more, but this, dear parents, is our Journey of a Lifetime summary:
Number of kidnappings recorded by police in that country per 100,000 population ranked (left) by amount of crime:
28 Nepal .89 2006
34 Iceland .7 2006
77 Mongolia: 0.04 2006
79 Thailand: 0.02 2006
79 Finland: 0.02 2004
79 Singapore: 0.02 2006
(Gayle, Turkey was number 1... and Meredith studied abroad there)

40,000 ppl die in car crashes DAILY in America- but we drive. daily.

Interesting Article:

So let's be real here- we are more likely to be hit y a freak flood, earthquake, volcano, or tuk-tuk accident than living the terrifying Taken story. We are also more likely to encounter a mal-intentioned white man at an American mall in broad daylight, or be hit by a drunk driver early evening mid-week, than meeting our untimely fate abroad. We can always be so very careful, but we can't live under a rock.We have to keep on living! :)
Siem Reap
Tianzi Mts
This trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see and experience so much more of the world than we have had a chance to do. The length of time we plan to travel will be extremely beneficial in allowing us to get to know better the places and people and culture we come in contact with. Seriously, when else in life can we go gallivanting off into the unknown for extended periods of time? We aren't in the middle of a serious career, we are unattached to any men-folk or kids... sounds perfect to me!
St. Petersbourg
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