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No description

Rory Palframan

on 13 December 2015

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Transcript of WINE

Wine Tasting
How are our judgements affected by suggestion?
If experts are susceptible to suggestion then does it call into question their knowledge?
Pseudo Science?
Hardest exam in the world
10% pass rate
Blind tasting of 2 reds and two whites
Exhaustive knowledge of wine producing regions and varieties.
How do different ways of knowing interact to provide knowledge in tasting wine.
Three of wine's most basic qualities are detected by
paillae, sweetness, bitterness and acidity
The olfactory bulb detects the aroma
Given that we all have roughly
the same equipment, how are
wine tasters able to train
their senses to such a degree?
People training to take the exam have to spend thousands of dollars on wine in order to taste exhaustively from regions all over the world.
Students learn about how certain wines contain certain characteristics and through inductive reasoning identify wines
The ability to distinguish different bouquets, mouth feel and acidity levels can be trained leading to quick decision making ability
Specialist wine tasters develop a special language to describe wines.
What kind of knowledge is
Wine Tasting?
Sense Perception
Can wine tasting be considered scientific?
Robert Hodgson
California Wine Tasting Fair
Same wine, same experts, different bottle...
"Only about 10% of judges are consistent and those judges who were consistent one year were ordinary the next year.

"Chance has a great deal to do with the awards that wines win."
Frédéric Brochet
He presented the same Bordeaux superior wine to 57 volunteers a week apart and in two different bottles – one for a table wine, the other for a grand cru.
Experts were even fooled
by white wine with a flavorless red dye
Now new research indicates that placebos can cause real biological changes, a finding that is transforming how medicine is practiced.
Advertisers work very hard on circumventing our reason to access our emotions.
Don't believe the hype, not all of it anyway
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