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No description

joel lanza

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of astrophysics

by joel lanza Astrophysics Black holes are strong singularity that pulls in matter even as big as stars. Scientist believe that black holes are formed by a star ending its life and collapsing on itself and to form a black hole. One day scientist think that the matter in the universe will fall into a black hole and the universe will face its end, but there is hope scientist know think that all black holes will one day shrink and disperses in thin air. A black holes life Astrophysics What are brown dwarfs? Brown dwarfs a cold stars that have failed to keep chemical reactions going that makes them shine and heat up and cools the temperature down to an average of 100 degrees Celsius. One brown dwarf called BD+012920B is 35 times the mass of Jupiter but at a high temperature of 400 degrees Celsius and is one of the hottest brown dwarfs around. Venus
Mars Jupiter Saturn Mercury Mercury hasn't had the best past. Nearly destroyed, in a clash with an object the size of our moon. Making almost all of mercury iron. Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system and has a average temperature of 460c . Venus when aligned, is the closet planet to earth. Mars is the only planet besides earth that scientist believe that could hold life. Mars is the most explored planet by humans. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar and is the closest gas planet to the sun. If we had to fill Jupiter with earth we would fit 1321. Saturn has the most ring in the solar system. They are known to be the best and are made of dust, ice and rocks. Uranus has four known rings and rotates around the sun with its cap facing the sun it was smashed on its side by a body bigger then earth.
Uranus Neptune Neptune is a strange planet it is blue and has one big dark blue dot and scientist believe that an object 1 quarter its mass smashed into it. Astrophysics is about space and how stuff works.
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