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electricity by becca and hannah

No description

Karen Simmons

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of electricity by becca and hannah

By Rebecca and Hannah Butcher Electricity Static Electricity Electric Outlets Electrical Poles Transformers Lightning What is Electricity Used For? If you rub your socks on the carpet it will create static electricity. I think static electricity is one of the weakest types of electricity. Electric Outlets power almost everything in our houses.I think they power mostly electric devices like phones and TVs. When an electrical pole falls, all houses and buildings lose their power. Electric poles are connected to power plants and the electricity goes through power lines and into your house. When lightning meets ground,an electric shock is sent through the ground.I think lightning is VERY powerful. A transformer is an electric object that takes
electricity of one voltage to another. You can
see them on the top of utility poles. If transformers
blow, the houses that use power from the transformers will lose will use all electricity. I think transformers are very important and useful.

Voltage Electricity is used for powering electronics,
such as TVs, phones, lamps,etc., lights, and many more things that have changed our lives. Voltage is electric energy that is stored.Stored energy is POTENTIAL ENERGY.There is high voltage and low voltage. Conclusion Electricity is very important in our lives.We use electricity for mostly everything! Electricity is great!
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