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Take 5

No description

Leon Molyneux

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Take 5

Take 5
Dave Brubeck Quartet
The Dave Brubeck quartet, who performed this song, at the time consisted of Dave Brubeck, who played the piano, Paul Desmond who played the saxophone, Eugene Wright, who played the bass, and Joe Morello, who played the drums.
There are a number of different musical elements used in Take 5, but the main ones are a riff, ostinato, vamp, sequence, and groove.
Musical form refers to the way the piece of music is organised into musical paragraphs or sentences.
Take 5 starts with a short four bar intro, with just the drums. Then the bass and piano are added, who play a vamp for 8 bars. Then the first theme starts, called the head, with all instruments playing for 8 bars. After this, the theme changes, and they begin to play a new section for 8 bars, this is the second theme. Then the first theme repeats again. the song then changes, and the saxophone solos for 25 bars. Then, 4 bars later, the drum solo begins, which lasts for 85 bars. the final section of the song starts with theme one, then moves to theme two, and back to theme one again to finish.
A Riff is a short repeated rhythm or melody.

An example of a riff in Take 5 is the one bar rhythm that the piano plays throughout the first theme.
A sequence is the repetition of a riff, downwards or upwards a note.

An example of a sequence in Take 5 is the first three bars of the second theme. the riff plays, and then the entire thing moves down one note, and then again for the next two bars
Groove is a sense of rhythmic 'feel' or 'swing' created by a bands rhythm section, in Take 5's case, drums and bass.

In Take 5, the drums and bass create a groove throughout theme one and two and the saxophone solo.
An Ostinato is a persistently repeating riff that continues throughout a song or a section in a song.

In Take 5, the drums and piano play an ostinato until the end of the first theme.
A vamp is a repeating chord progression. They may consist of a single chord or a sequence of chords and are used as an accompaniment to a soloist.

An example of a vamp in Take 5 is the two chord progression that the piano plays.
The piece of music Take 5 is in the style of 'cool jazz'. Cool jazz refers to post-war styles of jazz characterized by lighter tones, more relaxed tempos, and a flowing, serene mood. it creates a contrast to the more fast-paced, and more complicated jazz styles such as bebop. which preceded cool jazz.
Cool Jazz
Dixieland jazz, also called New Orleans jazz or traditional jazz, is a style of jazz that was developed in New Orleans at the start of the 20th century. this was a jazz style in which the instrumentalists all improvised at the same time within the ensemble.
Dixieland Jazz
Popular Cool Jazz Songs
Take 5: Paul Desmond
Breezin': George Benson
Angela: Bob James
Maputo: David Sanborn and Bob James
Popular Dixieland Jazz Songs
St. Louis Blues: Original Dixieland Jazz Band
Tiger Rag: Original Dixieland Jazz Band
Muskrat Ramble: Kid Ory
Basin Street Blues: Louis Armstrong
A smear on a saxophone is when the saxophonist slides between two notes without pausing.

Paul Desmond does this numerous times in his 25 bar solo. you can hear it in the Youtube video at the end of presentation.
A flam on a drum kit is like a grace note on the piano. The drummer hits the drum with his first hand a second before he plays the main note with his second. this creates a two tone sound that is common in jazz drumming.

Joe Morello uses flams a number of times in his drum solo in Take 5.
A drum roll is a technique that percussionists use to create a sustained sound on a percussion instrument.

Joe Morello uses drum rolls a number of times in his 85 bar drum solo in Take 5.
Performance Practices
There are a number of performance practices, or techniques, used by the instrumentalists in Take 5, but some of the main ones are the saxophonist using smears in his solo, and the drummer using flam and rolls in his solo.
By Leon Molyneux
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