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Mrs. Fornataro

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of Human

Article 26
Julia Garcia
Article 11
In my own words this article means that every single person in the United States has the rights to go to school and be treated respect fully. 11They should be able to go to school no matter what they are girl, boy, man, woman, or child. The people that go to school should also get the same education as everyone else no matter what race they are, black, white, Latino or anything else.
Parents are also allowed to know what you are learning. Because they are your parents. If they know what you are learning they can help you understand it more. When you go o school, you should also be able to study what you want.

This article means that if someone says that you did something you are always innocent unless they have proof that you did it, then you are guilty. If someone says you are guilty, then it is not a fair trial. You can’t be in jail or punished.
For instance, if someone says you robbed them and they tell the police the police can’t take you to jail. You would still be considered innocent. This is what I think article 11 means.
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