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Paper Airplane Project

No description

Jennifer Crusey

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Paper Airplane Project

By: Damien B. Sophie H. Jennifer C. Paper Airplane Project Our Question Which paper airplane will fly the farthest? Our Question Hypothesis If the paper airplane flies then the construction paper will fly the best Experiment Design Step 1- fold the paper hamburger style. Step 2- unfold the paper then fold the top corners of the paper to the middle crease. Step 3- then fold both sides of the paper airplane to the middle crease again. Step 4- fold the 2 sides together. Step 5- unfold wings for your paper airplane. Step 6- stand on a tire or a chair on grass or blacktop. Step 7 - throw the paper airplane forcefully when the wind is blowing QL Data Sophie's construction paper airplane was the best. It flew a mean of 8 meters. Conclusion Our hypothesis said that if the papera airplane flies then the construction paper airplane will fly the best material list
chair or tire
blacktop or grass
meter stick
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