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Renewable/Non Renewable Materials

No description

Nathan Todd

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Renewable/Non Renewable Materials

Renewable/Non Renewable Energy Oil Wind Wind is renewable because it is a natural resource which will never run out. Wind turbines (shown in the picture) transfer wind energy into electrical energy. The wind turbines turn, creating wind energy. Then a magnet with electrical wires converts the wind into electrical energy.
Unlimited amount.
Reduces toxic admissions.
Cheap to convert.
Generates no polution.
Also there is an almost even amount in every country. Disadvantages Turbines cause a lot of noise when converting the energy.
The noise causes noise pollution.
In places where a lot of energy is needed, we cannot depend entirely on wind.
Oil is a non renewable fossil fuel that eventually will run out. The oil is burned to release chemical energyand heat energy. Then the heat energy heats water and turns it into steam. Next the steam turns the turbines and the turbines turn large generators. Finally generators produce electrical energy! Advantages It's a liquid so it's easy to transport.
Doesn't cost that much.
No new technology needed to use it.
Disadvantages Limited amount.
Endangers enviroment. By Nathan Todd, Jordan Evans and Andrew Graham
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