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Serve to Protect LLC


DocuWrx Corporation

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of Serve to Protect LLC

Serve To Protect
25+ years of overseas experience managing real-life challenges of absentee home ownership in the USA

Our Local Team allows for rapid response to your home in case of emergency.
Serve to Protect employees' mobile devices automatically receive alerts on the rare occasion that your security alarm is triggered or your home requires urgent attention.

How we serve.
Your home is our responsibility
Complexity is harnessed by the use of creative technology

Client Web Portal
Home owners can access their account from virtually anywhere.
Digital Reports
Reports are immediately available to home owners about the status of their property.
Electronically submitted requests
Requests can be submitted to STP for additional services or home visits.
What We Do.
Serve to Protect is operated by experienced and well trained professionals, with a background in wealth management and excellence in service.
Single family homes + US $2MM

Absentee homeowners in the Sarasota region.

Catering to a niche market segment, with a specific clientele whom understands the value-added of our Tailor made services.
Excellence Defined
During business trips or vacations, we provide reliable, trusted, professional home sitting so you don't have to burden friends, neighbors, or family members with such a tedious job.
Serve To Protect is our purpose
Excellence is our DNA
I have my
Peace of mind
Our local presence allows us to provide your home with Emergency response services 24 hours a day , 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
We are accountable for the quality of our services. Serve To Protect is a duly registered and insured company. We take pride in our work and honor our word.

Our Home
is Safe.
STP provides detailed security assesments of the property, identifying any potential liabilities.
Regularly scheduled visits ensure the home is supervised and the property watched over at all times.
Principal's 25 years of wealth management experience with HNW Families (JPM - HSBC )
Wealth management experience with HNW Families
Peace of Mind when you're home; peace of mind when you're
Supervision of your home during an absence long or short.
Custom tailored services, built around your needs.
We know what is expected.
Digital Media activity reports make you feel at home, wherever you may be.
We are supported
when we need help
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