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Verve! (The Explained Version)

What it's all about!

Chase Glass

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Verve! (The Explained Version)

& V

Welcome to the
My Story
"But this sounds like a pyramid scheme..."
While it might sound too good to be true, or sound like a scam... here are 7 reasons why the Vemma/Verve opportunity is NOT a pyramid scheme:

Vemma pulled in over $10,000,000 last year alone. If this was an illegal pyramid scheme, then Vemma would have been shut down a long time ago.

2. In order to join and qualify for the bonuses in Vemma, you simply have to buy your own product.
- In a pyramid scheme you pay for a "spot" and there is no tangible product or commodity.

3. Everyone pays the same price for the product in Vemma!
- In pyramid schemes, the people up top would pay less than I would.

4. You can out earn the person that brought you into Vemma!
- That is impossible to do in a pyramid scheme because there are different levels of commission. So the people who pay for their spot up top make more money.

5. There is no membership fee with Vemma, and no deactivation fee. There's actually a one month money back guarantee!!!

6. All commissions are based on product SALES, not how many people you have in your organization! (Pyramid Schemes are based on the number of people.)

7. There are no Levels where people make more money..everyone makes the same commission rate. You want to be more successful? Then help your team be more successful. It's that simple.
Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
Legal multi-level marketing (MLM) involves being recruited in order to sell a product or service that actually has some inherent value. As a recruit, you can make a profit from the sales of the product or service, so you don't necessarily have to recruit more salespeople below you. And while you may be encouraged to recruit other salespeople whose sales would give you more profit, you can stick to just selling the product directly to the consumer if you choose.
"I want in! How do I start?!"
The entire sign up process is very simple, legitimate, and done securely online.
You meet with one of us that is already in it, and we will help sign you up, place your order for your own Verve and get you started!
"What exactly do I do now?"
So you signed up and bought your Verve! Now, use the tools you're given to learn the business and share the product and this great opportunity to sign up and become a part of a team of people all working together to make
This whole concept isn't new.
is just right!
Word of Mouth!
(You have options here!)
You can start off with the usual option of 2 cases of Verve that a lot of people do (48 cans). This is $150, but now you qualify for
And all of these bonuses can combine together throughout any given week to give you the most money possible when you hit all of these bonuses!
This is honestly the smartest option to go with if you can! You can start off with what is called a
Silver Builder Pack
. This has A BUNCH of extra Verve and Verve Energy Shots, plus a Vemma bag, and a Success guide in it.
- ONE TIME Purchase
- Automatically sets up the Verve 2-Case order (that
2nd option we talked about).
- Qualifies you for the BMW!

So you get your money's worth! If you have the
to do this, then I would honestly suggest doing it. I have already purchased mine, and so have thousands of other people because with the Silver Builder Pack, you qualify for ALL OF THE BONUSES, but you also qualify for these extra bonuses that are the BEST bonuses in the ENTIRE company! They're called the
This is how this one works:
Personally Enroll
3 in 1 week
on a 2 Cases =
Personally Enroll
6 in 1 week
on a 2 Cases =
Personally Enroll
3 in 1 week
on a Silver Pack =
Personally Enroll
6 in 1 week
on a Silver Pack =

- Set yourself up to make the most money!!!
- Silver Builder Pack = $499.95 - Definitely worth it,
considering all of the extras that come with it!

Enroller Matching Bonus:
You get paid 10% on all of your
Personally Enrolled's Cycle Bonuses!
2nd Tier Matching Bonus:
You get paid 10% on all of your
Personally Enrolled's Personally
Personally Enrolled's Cycle Bonuses!
Momentum Bonus:
Bonus of $100-$400 paid out at the end
of the month if you have qualified by
having a total of 500QV on your left team
and a total of 500QV on your right team
added up over the course of that month!
Momentum QV comes from everybody
BUT your Personally Enrolleds
(So help your team be successful)
Rank Advancement Bonus:
Bonus of $100-$250,000 paid out at the
end of the month, and based on the rank
you achieved that month!
Platinum Club Car Bonus:
GET YOUR BMW or BENZ! Instead of
receiving your Momentum Bonus
every month, Vemma will pay for the
monthly payment on your
company car!
My name is Chase Glass and I am now about to be a sophomore at Michigan State University this Fall. I have been with this company for about 3 months now. But I was introduced to the company about 5 months ago when a friend from my dorm told me about it. I blew her off because it sounded like a scam and a pyramid scheme to me. But I never forgot about it, so for 2 months I researched the company myself and learned what it's all about, and TRIED to find something illegal and see if it was going to all backfire. I couldn't find anything illegal about the company at all, and the person who introduced it to me 2 months earlier showed me checks that she was earning every week now. At this point after I had done my research and saw the physical proof, I decided to join myself. Also, I was mad at myself for not joining when I was originally offered the opportunity... but what can you do? So after joining, I started learning about the business and what I needed to do from the people in my upline who had more experience than me. And I also started using the tools & resources in my own Vemma BackOffice to learn the business. THIS HELPED A LOT! I broke even in my 1st month, and I started profiting BIG TIME in my 2nd month!! I started making more with ONE WEEK'S paycheck in Vemma than I was making for 2 weeks worth of pay in the cafe job that I worked all year at Michigan State! And now I'm just helping my teams become successful too. In all honesty, this "job" is the best "job" that I could ask for!
We're ALL programmed since birth to believe that the only legitimate way to make money in this world is to go to school, get an education, go to college, get MORE education, and when you graduate... you'll have a great paying job. That is the OLD way of living. Things don't work that way nowadays. The FACT of the matter is that 53% of college graduates are either underemployed or unemployed!!!!!!! 53% is a big deal when you consider the fact that the average cost of a 4 year college degree is about $90,000, and the average earnings IF you happen to get a job after college is only about $45,000! So even if you didn't have other bills, or groceries, or gas, or anything else to pay for after college... YOU WILL STILL BE $45,000 in debt!
If you are willing to make this a priority and get SERIOUS in Vemma RIGHT NOW, then you can have something to lean on by the time you graduate college! And the work you put in right now will pay you for the rest of your life!
Preview of what your Vemma BackOffice will look like, and a highlight of one of my earnings for ONE WEEK! (Haha forget a cafe job!!)
I set up my direct deposit! Proof that Vemma actually DOES pay us! Also, a different paycheck for another WEEK of work!
A physical check straight from Vemma!
Has my name on it and everything! And this $366 is what I earned from a different WEEK of sharing the Verve & the opportunity!
Official Energy Drink of the Phoenix Suns!
Official Energy Drink of the Charlotte Bobcats!
Official Energy Drink of the Phoenix Mercury in the WNBA!
All of these teams hired a group of 18 lawyers to investigate Vemma as a company to see if it was legitimate. The results came back that everything is completely legitimate!!!!! Otherwise, Verve would NOT be the official energy drink of these teams!
This entire business concept and energy drink was just recently accepted as an OFFICIAL CLUB AT MSU (called Club Verve) for students to network with each other and meet new people, while also making money!!
THE Better Business Bureau gives Vemma an A+ RATING!!! It is COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE! Enough said...
Have you heard of AMWAY? AVON? MARY KAY? They all use this legal business strategy of Multi-Level-Marketing!!
Donald Trump once said in an interview with Jay Leno that if he lost everything to his name right now... he would invest in NETWORK MARKETING! (Multi-Level-Marketing, Network Marketing, Direct Selling... are all the same thing)
The entire crowd booed him and he responded and said "That's why I'm up here, and you are down there."
Dr. OZ featured Verve on one of his shows as his Favorite Fatigue Fighter! He also supports the entire business concept and attends Vemma conventions!
Click about right here ^ to skip to where Dr. OZ gives his opinion about what we're doing here in Vemma.
Word of mouth advertising is the most effective form of advertising! Think about why you are here looking at this presentation. You didn't see it on a T.V commercial or on a billboard. Somebody told you about this business and that is how you got to this point.
Think about this... why was DVR created? (Aside from the obvious reason to record shows) WE HATE COMMERCIALS! I know I'm not the only one that likes to either not pay attention to them, or I'll change the channel when they come on! If you were to hear about Vemma and Verve on a T.V commercial rather than from a friend or somebody you know... you would most likely ignore it! Word of mouth advertising is so effective because we trust our friends and family that spread the message to us and it spreads A LOT faster that way because everybody knows somebody that you don't know! Vemma pays us 50% of all of it's profits for spreading the word about these great products and this great opportunity!
Your Rank depends on how many times you Cycle in a 4 week period. Remember, to earn 1 Cycle, you need at least 180QV total on one team and 360QV total on the other team.

QV = Qualifying Volume (Reward Points for each product purchased)
Everything is automatically tracked and recorded right from your
Vemma BackOffice!
Plus, you get
your own website
! Plus
extra tools and resources
that will help you become a
in this business!
The Reward Point System
(Qualifying Volume (QV))
60 QV
120 QV
400 QV
Only worth
in their FIRST month
This is so that Vemma can afford to pay their refund back by the end of their first month if needed.
Cycle Bonus
Another way you get paid is through something called a CYCLE BONUS.
(This is where the Reward Points come into play)
Left Team
Right Team
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