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The Holocaust - Taking A Stand

No description

Joy Harvey

on 4 May 2012

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Transcript of The Holocaust - Taking A Stand

The Holocaust
Taking Action Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto took a stand by refusing to show up for deportation and attacking the Nazis. The Nazis responded by burning the ghetto. To take a stand against the Nazis was dangerous. The Nazis brutally punished resistance, and informers were everywhere. The picture shows a Jewish resister being arrested by the Nazis. The survivor, Solomon Radasky
recalls how girls who worked at an ammunition factory in the Birkenau camp used the ammunition to destroy one crematorium like the one pictured here. Two of the girls were hung for their actions. Deidrich Bonhoeffer started a church to help Christians of Jewish background. He also participated in an assassination attempt on Hitler. He was hanged for treason. Raoul Wallenberg developed the Schutzpass, which allowed Jews to immigrate to Sweden. He passed them out to Jews on deportation trains. Before the train departed, he would accuse the S.S. of deporting Swedish citizens. The people were then freed to go to Sweden. A Schutzpass is pictured here. Works Cited
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