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Prezi Vs. Power Point

No description

Kaitlin Dugan-Murrell

on 7 September 2017

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Transcript of Prezi Vs. Power Point

Obstacle 1
What makes Prezi different from Powerpoint?
Obstacle 3
Making your own Prezi
Now you have your own Prezi!
Choose Your Presentor
Obstacle 2
What is "Prezi"?
Now we're going to take all of the cool things we talked about and mak our own!
Kaitlin Murrell

"Prezi is a web-based presentation or storytelling application, that uses a single canvas instead of traditional slides!"

Digital Service Fellow
I use my technical training to assist staff and students to better utilize the technology they are given.
Job Info
Have you ever needed to make a presentation for:
"Instead of traditional slide to slide transition--the Prezi user has a "canvas" or a single page that can view everything at once."
To brainstorm ideas?
or for a service project?
That's were Prezi comes in!
"Power Point is normally done slide by slide."
Why would you use Prezi instead of Power Point?
Thanks for Playing
Step 1:
Go to Prezi.com
Step 2:
Select a free account
Step 3:
Sign up with a valid email address to create an account
Step 4:
Click the "New Prezi" Button
Step 5:
Let's try a little team work!!
Share, Share, Share!
Please complete a survey!
A School Project
If you are a student you can share it with your Teacher!
You can collaborate with friends online!
Presentations Become more exciting!
you can add music and sound effects!
Change around frames, audio,
and video to make an interactive action-based presentation!
This is just one of the cool features of this awesome presentation application!
Prezi makes it easy to
New Presentor


Power Point is very linear
due to this there is only so much customization that a user can acheive
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