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The languages of the 13 colonies

No description

kelly hopkins

on 25 March 2016

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Transcript of The languages of the 13 colonies

My Question
My Answer
Interesting Facts
Thank you
The Languages of the 13 Colonies
The era of the 13 colonies had many different languages that spread through the English, Dutch, ,French, and Native Americans. The most common languages were, Algonquian and Middle English.
My Question surrounds the idea of,How did the different languages effect the arrival and settling of the colonist.
But not knowing each others languages also caused big problems.
The most common problem was the English thought that the
natives did not know any thing because they did not speak the
same language or have the same religion. Therefore
taking them in as slaves.
According to my research the languages weren't
as much of a problem . First of all, the English used hand
motions to get there point across where the Natives used the materials around them to communicate.
Some interesting facts I found during research are
1.) A lot of times when the English took the natives
to learn the religion they would learn English as well.
2.) Most of the time they only talked when they needed
to trade or discuss a problem or new ideas.
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